The Democrat Crime Epidemic

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Written by Mr Reagan


  1. What BS!!!! You're a fool to think one side is more corrupt than the other. Let's talk Denny Hastert. All this crap talk divides us, which makes me think, with your slick style and set up, that you're just another psy-op to keep us at our own throats. Grow up, dude, and get out of this defeatist paradigm.

  2. Democrat crime what a mind game! The Truth is hate speech and democracy is the first step to communism. This about destroying a race of people who have faced more oppression than any other people in the last 400 years. This people has had it's entire history stolen and replaced by a masonic order. The order then invents native people's with no written language or architecture just to say later say the land was stolen. Less than one percent of the entire population of America "during the heart of slavery" has ever owned a African slave. Brown cappuccino skin needs not worry the goal is to make us all look like you… we give you language true religion and grow all your food. We have been nothing but a blessing to the world. Until or destruction and the theft of our birth right. Any free though will land you in the gulag if your white…

  3. Epstein was a Democrat lmao! This is all lies! Mr R dosent care for this country he looks likes like a Saudi prince. Get all the people to hate eachother so we can release the Bolshevics and do to America what we did to Russia… bill gates owns more farm land than anyone and he is going to starve us and steal all our food… until American moms are eating the babies… remember Holodomor.

  4. Ya… well… not just the democrats… also the electorate. Assign Americans the task of organizing a system of federal government and this is what they produce. American politicians are corrupt because Americans are corrupt (easy easy… not all of you, just enough of you for this outcome) This is an undeniable fact. I would be delighted if you would prove me wrong by cleaning up this mess you have wrought upon the Earth.

  5. Accountability…the Corrupt are only accountable to themselves and their Cabal…! The ENTIRE Government System is CORRUPT…TO THE CORE…!!! GUARANTEED GOVERNMENT INCOME WITH BENEFITS…FOR LIFE…! I'm from New Orleans…seen corruption all my life…! It ALL starts at the LOCAL LEVEL…! And the higher up the system you go…the WORSE it gets…! Actually it gets LETHAL…!!! So…where do we the people go to get ACCOUNTABILITY…?