The Democrats are Lying About Jan 6th

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  1. I was in the US Army when Sept 11th happened. Watching Her give that speech makes my blood boil. My friends didnt die to support what the Dems have done to america. Her claiming What happened at the capital was against american really pisses me off. The dems are the ones who "fortified" the election, broke election laws and norms. Not the people that protested the subversion of the USA constitution

  2. It really boils my blood when dems make this comparison. It is so disrepectful to those who died on those days. 9/11 not only shook america to the core but also the UK and I'm pretty sure when pearl harbour happened it did the same but Jan 6th all I saw was folk acting like idiots

  3. Harris appears clinically insane whereas Biden should be in a care home. Those people who entered the White House on the 6th of January 2021 looked more like confused tourists than an insurrection. They did nothing close to what Antifa and BLM perpetrated on the whole of America in the proceeding months.

  4. I was 15. It was English class. Another teacher came in with a pale face, and gestured for the English teacher to come out of the room. My English teacher came back in, and said, "terrorists hit one of the towers in America. You can all go home."

    Let out of school early (it was around 1:30/2pm UK time) felt weird. Came home, and the second tower had fallen in that time.

    Can't remember what I was doing this time LAST YEAR. It wasn't even reported in the media I consume; I only found out about it when I watched footage of security letting people into the building.

  5. She even said that the BLM riots would and SHOULD continue. But they weren't lawless violence to her and her ilk. They don't care one bit about sacred democracy or peace. They are protected from physical harm, inconvenience or financial strife, so they play chess with everyone else's lives, they hate us all.

  6. Ladbible have posted a propaganda video of this on Instagram & it’s so obviously propaganda seeing as they don’t mention that it’s the FBI that were heavily involved along with anti trump BLM activists as shown on Steven crowders YouTube channel

  7. "The lawlessness, the violence." And shes NOT talking about the George Floyd riots that burned down a ton of shit and a bunch of people died because of? Shes talking about a few hours that was so bad the politicians were back and did their thing shortly afterwards?
    Like seriously, what the fuck did is she talking about? Did she see something everyone else didn't?

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