The Democrats Have a House Retirement Problem


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  1. Dr. Martin said social security runs out by 2030 and likely sooner if we don't extremely raise taxes. something like two different taxes like ten to twenty five percent each according to a recent interview he did

  2. They know the only way for them to gain and maintain power is through cheating. I guess the old ones can't stomach that anymore and will retire, having paved the way for the younger cheating politicians to pick up where they leave off.

  3. The way I see it the GOP is going to become the party of populists and libertarians (real ones not Libertarian Party "Libertarians"), the socialists will TRY to make the DNC the party of socialism, but the NeoLibs having too much control over the party will cause them to split off and start their own party. The NeoCons will see the writing on the wall and move to the DNC. My bet is in 10 to 20 years we will finally be a three party system with the GOP as the populist/libertarian party, the DNC as the NeoCon/NeoLib party, and a third party that will be the Socialist/Woke party.

  4. Styx underestimates the justice democrats, the majority of the Democratic party under 40 thinks Bernie and AOC are great and should be running the country. The future of the Democratic party is AOC, and they want to run this nation the like Activision's HR department.

  5. Almost all the democrat replacements will be socialists. The main republican strategy should be pointing out and making the dems recognize they are socialists/communists and not democrats anymore.

  6. Millionaires and Billionaires love the Marxist Democratic Party, as do multinational corporations, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Unions, Hollywood millionaires, and the MSM…
    Is anyone stupid enough to think that the Left cares about the middle and working class?
    No. The only ones that stupid are on the Left, mainly indoctrinated college students, and aging out Democrat Boomers.

  7. I have thought for a while that if they know they will lose the house and senate in the midterms, why wouldn't they sabatoge it for the Republicans. Essentially set up a recession or depression to happen in the next few years and blame it on the Republicans when it happens.

  8. Democratic problems are blessings for me. Lead the people to desperate times, it'll only show what poor leaders they make.
    Maybe then the price of real estate will drop, but I don't see it happening until the big one knocks CA up.

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