The Democrats Have ALWAYS Been The Racist Party, They Were The Party Of Slavery

Tim, Ian, and guest Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter (@MAJTOURE on Twitter) discuss the intrinsic racism of the democratic platforms using BLM’s stated goal of demolishing the nuclear family.

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  1. If the result of something you’ve been doing for 80 years has been the impoverishment of minorities and death of black people and you keep doing it, then that’s your goal, not a side effect.

  2. There’s a reason why trump is doing well on policy and obama did shit on policy.

    Because republican policy is correct and actually works! The Rhino fucks enact democrat policy, that’s why it sucks.

  3. George Soros was one of Bidens largest donors, donating $500,000 for his 2020 campaign. He also donated for Hillaries campaign as well as Obamas campaign. He started getting involved in American politics when Bush was president… He has pledged to do anything in his power to remove Trump from office.. His donations to the DNC in whole are also unprecedented. He also funds campaigns centering around BLM, Antifa, Assata's Daughters, named after convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur..DEFUND the Police, Anti-deportation, the KY Bail project….this guy is literally funding every progressive/leftwing political movement…and before you label something a conspiracy, at least spend the 2 seconds it takes to look it up…None of this is conspiratorial. The woman, Holly Zoller, that was tricked into admitting the Uhaul Van she used to hand out riot gear was funded by George Soros. All of these bail projects that are getting the criminals back oit into the streets are funded by him. …all of this is on record. He's got his own website for fucks sake. You can see what he funds…its not a secret. Its been reported on…even by CNN before they had a political dog in the fight. You can google George Soros and read all the "progressive" groups he either funds or owns. Tim seems to think all the other billionaires that donate to campaigns are on par with the type of subversion Soros engages in. He is labeled an enemy of the state in multiple countries. Their are literal organizations dedicated to tracking his movements like SOS. Tim is fucking delusional if he thinks George Soros is just another progressive campaign donor. This dude is playing the world like Civilizations the mobile app. Its also funny when you read about the "far right" conspiracy theories about him funding the migrant caravans….except its not a conspiracy. There are multiple videos of his vans with his logos along the entire way handing out cash, food and other supplies. This isnt just a "far right" American conspiracy either. This guy is hated all over the world. He is banned from some countries. He creates chaos because he believes…and this is a quote, "America is the only thing standing in the way of a new world order." Have you… personally, ever bothered to research ANY of this yourself? Or do you just base your opinion on other peoples opinions?. Have you even bothered to even Google his name? And yet you have an opinion about it?. Curious ….but George Soros is just another Jeff Bezos right?

  4. Lets not forget that after Vegas and Parkland…
    They radical left, democrats, some republicans and even the nra were twisting his arm saying the polls show Americans want red flag laws. We obviously don’t, but they lie so much. With everyone pro gun whispering and leftist and the media screaming in his ear, it’s hard to hear the truth. We can’t blame Trump, we have to blame ourselves for being to quiet about issues we care about. We have to be just as vocal and be louder than the left. I agree most of the republicans are chumps and just want to be in charge, but at least they aren’t trying to systematically and fundamentally change everything about America and destroy the Constitution like the democrats are. We do need more parties and we do need to end them from holding seats forever, but the best way to do that is to make sure that the people running for the seats have our interest in mind not just vote for them because they’re in your party or you recognize the name. The Libertarian Party sucks because they are just moderate democrats and they side with the democrats on 9/10 issues which includes abortion, lgbtqp rights and class or race protections which in themselves are partisan issues and they disenfranchise Millions of Americans who want to vote for them but cannot because of those things. They completely overlook the bill of rights. Jo jorgansen can’t say she’s libertarian if she sides with the democrats that the little sisters of the poor should have to buy birthday control including abortion when it goes against their first amendment rights and religious believes. Its the same for the bakery who denied an homosexual couple services because the cake they wanted would violate their religious view and values. If the couple just said we want a cake the bakery would have served them no question. Denying them their religious rights and believes in favor of someones made up rights and opinions isn’t lawful according to the Constitution. It’s the same with the right to choose not being a Constitutionally Protected right, verses the Childs guaranteed right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness which is being denied to them when they are murdered and chopped into pieces. If the left is so concerned about reproductive rights, then why are they ending a life created by reproduction. Taking precautions like contraceptives is a practical way of preventing an unexpected life, implant works, abstinence works best and if people stopped being so promiscuous, their wouldn’t be very many unplanned pregnancies. Sex should be reserved for a married couple, but if unwanted pregnancies doesn’t scare you into using precautions, the spread of diseases should, especially since the requirement to inform your partner is becoming less and less enforced and the penalties are being thrown out. If covid doesn’t kill us all, a pandemic of aids, hepatitis and hpv will, herpes may cause millions of suicide.
    Making sure that any third party is true to the constitution is going to be a difficult challenge and parties now require diversity which is leftist speech for not a bunch of old white guys. What we could and should do is tell the parties that they no longer represent the people or have our best interests in mind. Have a convention of states and fix their wagons so that if they get no benefit after office, stop them from voting for their own pay raises, they must divest from all interest and businesses they own or are partners in, have stocks in and must recuse themselves from voting on a bill that would benefit them after they leave office and no more accepting money from lobbyists, no more leaving dc for vacations or holidays if important legislation has not agreed upon if it affects the livelihood, health and paychecks of American Citizens or the functioning of government, if they fail to keep their promises, they should be fired and required to payback all salaries for every year they were in office not keeping their word, and if they have or try to subvert or twist the language of the Constitution from its original meanings, then they should also be fined the amount of salary they receive retroactively and face prison for sedition and treason. With reforms like this, not as many would want to jump into politics.

    This is for you Tim..

  5. Derp of course they are they hate Judeo western civilization Especially the part about all men are created equal under god. 9 month abortion straight up hate god period

  6. 100% Tim. This truth I have dedicated most of my debate time to. Its so obvious. The parties never switched sides. The only thing that switched was the rhetoric and tactic. They traded in their white hoods for black masks and slavery by boat is now slavery by vote

  7. MUST- Must view ' blow your mind" ."The Lefist Plot to Destroy America" !!! This is the SEMINAL discussion -1939 video -of the genesis of our race war // Channell Mr. Reagan July 17!!!