The Democrats Have Finally Lost the Hispanic Vote


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  1. All the Latinos/Hispanics I know here in Texas are pretty pissed off at Dems for the millions pouring into the country through Mexico.That's almost half the Texas population. Many run their own small business as construction contractors and running dump trucks for sand/gravel/road base from the quarries and a lot of other self owned business.

  2. Do you think that you were right? Do you believe bringing republicans everything is going to be better? I think you're in different times and it doesn't if is state is getting blue or red. In my opinion North America is suffering new transformations beyond democrats or republicans. The world is changing and it seems Russia is doing the difference and also maybe China will next important step.

  3. I found it as simple as a couple of paragraphs explaining what it meant to be voting Democrat to my Filipino Wife. She worked very hard in managing two offices for a Japanese traveling company writing visas. She couldn't even get them to pay steady for her labor. I said you work hard and the Democrats want to take vast more amounts of the money you work for here to projects you'll never qualify for as a working person than Republicans, and the Democrats push abortion. Hard working and giving too much money back to bureaucrats, against her Catholic beliefs was all it took to convert an outsider Obama fan ( from afar) to gut any idea of supporting a democrat.

  4. The reality is that no one consciously tries to stay the same wealth wise as when they immigrated here. My grandparents and parents came from Eastern Europe from Austria and Heufeld, Serbia (not Serbia at the time) but no one in my family lives in a Shack in rural New York State, or on a farm in Idaho anymore, they all got more wealthy, likewise, no one in my family is still cheap labor, and Ai could go on, but so many politicians are stuck in the 1990s demographic projections. Reality is that depopulation is on course for Central and South America and when that happens, those countries will, even if it becomes too late, want to keep their people and especially their young people just to stay productive. There are so many problems with these projections. People ought to search for the documentary called “Demographic Winter”. Because the reality now is even bigger and more obvious than it was back when they released that documentary.

  5. Having worked with many African nationals, they have no patience for IDPOL nonsense. (In fact, many are offended by the ideas.) It's a Western thing. Only we have enough wealth and leisure time to be offended by everything. At least for now.

  6. Umm i.ove Mexica food, latan Chinese food great stuff, speaking food local eats here seem plentiful you there in your neighborhood friendly streets, I mean you moved there of right sir 😉

  7. I will sum it up for you in less than twenty seconds. Hispanics are hard working, God loving/fearing family oriented individuals and that is everything a Dem is not. No shared values is the 🗝️

  8. I have in recent month seen a NOTICABLE uptick in black and urban culture youtube channels that have taken a interest in conservative and republican points of view.

  9. This is such a pathetic analysis. Hispanics and Blacks are still going to vote for Democrats in large numbers. The children of immigrants are diehard leftists. What’s more important to win is the white vote. It doesn’t matter how much you increase the vote for Hispanics or Blacks, if you lose the white vote, you’re done.

  10. I hope the abysmal performance of the lefties lately has started to wake up some of their long term voters; this socialism crap always ends with starvation and poverty, never with success.

  11. Whether Legal or illegal, immigrants are coming to the States for a better life, opportunities and safety, but this administration is making that very hard, that’s why they are losing the Hispanic vote.

  12. they lose the hispvote, then today happens in tx. to put some scare into them. but that'll backfire, too. they aren't under the anti-arms spell. the victims, and the larger hispcomm, will blame the true culprit, their own maliciously negligent representatives.

  13. As a white American, I won't feel so bad about being replaced by non-white Mexicans if they vote Republican. As long as the United States constitution is upheld then it doesn't matter whether or not white people become a minority in their own country and lose their cultural hegemony. After all, the state is all that matters, right?

  14. Hispanics will still vote majority democrat. You even say why yourself. Welfare. Not even only that immigrants coming here aren’t braindead. They want their people to come here and create their own ethnic group. They can’t do that with republicans closing the border. They will vote democrat. Texas will eventually go blue. Florida will eventually go blue.

    Just because some Cubans know from first hand experience how bad socialism is, don’t mean shit. Even they will still vote democrat. Free money is free money. We can all pretend like human beings are “better” than that. If that makes us all feel warm and fuzzy tho

  15. Credit where credit is due: George W. Bush was an early proponent of pushing social issues to poach more Hispanic votes from the libs. One of the few things he called correctly.

  16. I'm from South Texas. People in the SE part of the USA have no idea how things are done in the SW. We all just sortof get along. Everything starts to break down the further East one travels. Guess what happens to the demographic situation the further East you travel.

  17. The Democrats moved all the illegal immigrants into the neighborhoods of similar demographics placing the burden on those communities. Now they are Pikachu face when those communities are pissed as the job/wage market collapses and crime and other social struggles. Contrary to Democrat's beliefs….. not everyone from south of the border is Mexican and they don't just get along.

  18. Correction. Democrats are losing the Black Male vote.

    The contemporary modern Black women have considered themselves separate from us for a long time and the majority of black men are just now getting a clue.

    The first clue was the backlash Ice Cube got.

    The second clue was that same plan Ice Cube had turned into just something for Black Women on the Democrat side rather than for black people as a whole, like what Ice Cube wanted/proposed.

    The entire reason we voted Democrat as a bloque was that it was between getting actively fucked (Republican) and little to no help (Democrat). So it was a choice between getting fucked the least to most black folk (Especially down South).

    And, contrary to popular belief/media narrative most black folk are doing just fine and have been doing better than ever in a lot of cases.

    It is a bit of shaudenfrude seeing EVERYONE struggling to get a house though. That used to be a strictly minority thing unless you had an overwhelming amount of cash on hand.

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