The Democrats New Hope 😂

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  1. Yea the spineless Republicans wont do JACK SQUAT….and u r WAAAAY too over confident in our NOW totally corrupted voting system so I seriously doubt the repo's r going to take bak SH!T…Bunch of RINO closeted socialist SCUM…So snap out of that fantasy land wet dream yer living and embrace the REALITY brutha…This country is totally screwed…This country is going to be a one party socialist sh!t hole…it breaks my heart to say all this…but I felt it was time for an actual REALITY CHECK…

  2. “Yeah, keeping your oath is definitely extreme and horrible. If we don’t stop worrying about keeping oaths, we’re gonna end up in a civil war.” What a message.

  3. I remember when a George Dubya Bush speech interrupted It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I was so pissed!

    Now everything is political on television. I haven’t watched TV for about 20 years now. I don’t have a single good reason to have a television set or pay for cable. It’s all garbage!

  4. Talk about throwing people under the bus, what a bunch of scam artists, I wonder what the new deposit in their bank account is??
    The swamp is much worse than anyone could ever expect especially the rhinos pretend Republicans they are plants 100% to rhrow everything off like good old mitt, John mc Cain
    And the rest.

  5. Does anyone buy this shit white people protested once now it's crimes against humanity shit. Meanwhile cities got burned down night after night because of feelings of weak minded people

  6. Imagine being so desperate, so spiteful so filled with mindless demonic hate that this cooked up false flag that happened on Jan 6th, that was so full of holes and forced coordinated fake news like every other conspiracy theory they blamed trump for was all they could think to come up with in a last-ditch effort to destroy him. If only the liberals knew how utterly insane and evil they were, even a quick glimpse into the reality of their true state would cause them to hide their heads in shame the rest of their days.

  7. Imagine how ridiculous your reality has to be where a witness is called to elaborate on her opinion of the presidents social media postings choices as ‘evidence’ in a “pre-trial“ to ascertain the culpability of the president in a potential coup.
    Or if you want to avoid the headache of being thorough…

    “ what a fucking laughable headache this clown world is”

  8. They wanted the opportunity to show what they're capable of within the political atmosphere and government, after years of calling it toxic dude to men, and showed they could be as corrupt and evil as the men and never be held accountable for almost everything they do.

  9. I think AOC just let something slip that Democrats did not want pointed out because it goes against the narrative they want.
    The evidence she is talking about is that Capitol police in many instances either let people through or did not even attempt to hold anyone bac. For the first time I actually agree with something AOC says…that it should be investigated. However Democrats do not want that aspect investigated. They are afraid it will make the "insurrectionists" look less like "insurrectionists" and more like people that took the opportunity to enter the building that they were being let into. Democrats also want the Capitol Police on their side….so they call them heroic for their actions…but gloss over the actions of permitting this to happen in the first place.

  10. almost 3 years of jane 6 BAD .
    wow democrats lag on originality
    aw wait they give a PASS ON BLM

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