The DEVASTATING truth is coming out in Ukraine | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

Western media tells us that Ukraine is all of a sudden winning the war with a massive offensive against Russia. Is this true? Well, it was an advance for Ukraine but it wasn’t massive. We show you the maps and data, imagine that!

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Written by Redacted


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  1. The Ukrainian advance is what's known as a Salient. Many times in the history of warfare, a defending force (Russia) has allowed an attacking force (Ukraine) to penetrate their lines in depth for the express purpose of causing the attacking force to overextend itself, and then cut it off. Hannibal destroyed an entire Roman army in this way.

  2. so, pro-Russian DNR, LNR and Russian troops control the territory of Ukraine size of NY, PA, NJ and VE combined. And Ukraine gained back territory 20 ml wide corridor along I-90 from Rochester to Syracuse? Yep, the greatest military operation since WWII. For Ukraine. Sorry, for modern Ukraine

  3. There is propaganda on both sides. But I do remember when Russian in 1968 rolled their tanks in to Czechoslovakia and in 1956 to Hungary. I have not seen Nato rolling their tanks to Finland or Estonia to force the to join Nato. So I'm not surprised these countries I eager to join nato.

  4. The common theme with all of the news articles published about this 'counter-offensive', is that they are all vague on the details and they use words like "may be" or "might be" or "could be" extremely generously. At which point, anyone with a brain knows they are pure propaganda, not a situation report.

  5. People…The "news",the social media,as Insta,fb,yt,and others,are all controlled by the same "people" who are controlling the banks,the insurance,the health.big pharma, hospitals…EVERYFUCKINGTHING…The shaloms…THINK,GOD DAMMIT…!

  6. ha ha ha no hard feeling Mr. and Miss here. Your report is still not complete. What ever you said is still to follow for next happening so that's it…There is no twist report because all the observer knows already the truth….

  7. Hi guys you know it's hard to tell people the truth after all the lies that the people are being told this is not the first time they have done something like this.. The American people and people in other countries have been trained to believe the lies of the news and what ever

  8. I stopped caring about this "war" after Ukraine started making stamps about the fake Snake island incident.
    We American's and people NOT in politics have no clue what is going on over there. Hell American's don't even know what is going on in their own country. 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  9. This "bite" out of the map of what was Russian held territory sure does look to me like it COULD BE a CALDRON created by the Russians as a feint. The Russian military leadership is not to be outdone when it comes to strategy, folks! They KNOW how to conduct a war! But we will see in coming days.

  10. I just saw a discussion on Russian news where they were describing how bad it is for the Russian soldiers. I also watched how American volunteers and French volunteers are part of the army , very disorganized but they were there helping, it was also described that a lot of the soldiers like the pig farmer are volunteers. What strikes me as great for the ukrainians is their commitment to saving their own country. I did see a statement that they are asking Putin to step down. Apparently there is a lot of opposition to him being in power so much that they fear someone will kill him. Can you address that aspect of this war. Putin stepping down?

  11. I know you said there were no news reporters in Ukraine but there is an American soldier with other soldiers who has a GoPro and he has filmed from March until a day ago. His YouTube site is CiV div.

  12. At what cost ? Russians are bleeding them dry. This is political cleansing for the Russians. Every Ukrainian crazy enough to confront the Russian Army could be an political problem for Poutine in the Ukraine Republic part of the Russian Federation. After the Ukrainian unconditional surrender.

  13. The mainstream media are lying. Some Ukrainians gave up their arms and refused to fight. Russia is gaining momentum in Ukraine
    and Putin is not giving up.This is escalating and
    Europe and USA might be dragged into the war.

  14. I see your “sources” are questionable, you sound just like the Russian propaganda machine, why must the Ukraine give up land that was stolen from them? If the Ukraine’s were such bad fighters and unprepared how do you explain that they stopped something that was supposed to take 4 days for the Russians to do, according to all the military experts out there?
    Peace is when the invading country is out of the invaded country, that is what peace is.
    Your rhetoric is absolutely pathetic and pro Russian.
    As for the gains the Ukrainians made they are talking about the land that was seized since Feb 24th, not Crimea nor the Donbas area. Get some facts in your stories and use multiple sources, not just the Russian version of the facts.

  15. There WIll not be any peace talks. Russia shut that door.
    Also Russia dont need to go full scale war, they can just claim Ukrainian government as an terrorist organisation, and do what the US is doing…
    Go to war but still it is none, as they are just killing off terrorists, and by USA standards thats ok, and is not considered war.

  16. You guys should talk to Brian of The New ATlas He has similar views to you and is ex-army and is very good at putting the military stuff into perspective. Also, very articulate and knowledgeable.

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