The DHS Leaks Superscandal

This is barely even close to legal anymore:

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  1. Military intelligence units and other units that have Military Intelligence soldiers assigned to them (usually battalion and higher headquarters) are required by law to make an annual written statement that none of their military intelligence soldiers have collected or retained any data on U.S. citizens. It is a violation of law for military intelligence units and soldiers to collect or retain such data.

    There should be similar laws and regulations proscribing such intelligence gathering by all other government agencies and employees, to include government contractors. The exception would be by the FBI for criminal and counter-espionage investigations formed as a result of grand jury proceedings

  2. At this fucking point everyone in America is pissed off at the Mainstream Liar Media and crooked Tyrannical Government, we may see a Civil War and the Blacks all across America are building an army, so after the 2024 election they will take over DC Blacks will be in control of the Government in 2024, that is their reparations i guess, anything is better than the Communist Demoncraps and sell out Rhino Republicunts.

  3. No government agency (especially intelligence agencies) should be allowed to run information operations on its citizens. If there is no law proscribing such activities, there should be. If it requires an amendment to the Constitution, then let's get that amendment.

    Any information the government wants the public to have, it can place it on an easily searchable folder on the internet. For that matter, all government held information that is not classified for reasons of national defense should be easily accessible to any citizen who wants that information. Citizens need to pull the data and information they want. The government should not be allowed to push information to citizens.

    It the President of the United States wants to get a message out to the citizens, then he can write a letter to the editor, give a speech at a prestigious center of learning, or get invited to a conversation with a popular podcaster. No elected official, especially the President, should be allowed to have an official spokesman. The buck stops with elected officials. The only job a press secretary should have would be to arrange the President's speeches and arrange for podcast appearances.

  4. Don't worry, with Kevin McCarthy possibly taking over the House, I'm sure he will head up a vigorous and effective solution to this.
    He's our man in Washington. <sarcasm>

  5. Essentially any censorship/surveillance style law that's passed in the name of national security will inevitably be twisted against the public. Anytime you try and question or scrutinize it, you'll be labeled and extremist or told "all the good work it does is classified, we can't show it". We should get rid of agencies like the NSA and homeland pronto.

  6. Government is the biggest criminal organization, the biggest polluters, the biggest counterfeiters, tine biggest mass murderer, the biggest enslavers, the biggest assassins, the biggest thieves, the biggest insider traders, the biggest drug traffickers, the biggest pimps.

  7. I wish Styx would cover the 1 Off debate Chuck Schumer had with Joseph Pinion III for Senate. Old Chuck wasn't ready, and didn't expect to run into a young man who took him out behind the wood shed!!! Chucky got hammered!!

  8. There's no such thing as a superscandal for the left. They could have detailed plans for genocide of they're opposition with curated lists of names of millions of citizens outed and it wouldn't be anything more than a corner snip it in the news papers. The average gobshite normie wouldn't care because the media didn't tell them to care.

  9. This aligns with what Millie Weaver has been saying since 2020, that employees of DHS and other government agencies were colluding to overthrow the election. She sent Zoom recordings of their meetings where they admitted to it.

  10. Many of us predicted this. When the Media claimed that this govt censorship organization was being shut down, many of us responded…"yeah No, they will just do it from the shadows and NOT tell us." Turns out we were Right…AGAIN.

  11. Paul Pelosi attacker is reported to hold right wing conspiracy theories according to the MSM. But I doubt it. They label anyone they dislike as Right wing Conspiracy nuts.

  12. You mean the government actually lied to the big tech companies? I am flabbergasted. We need to do something about that, hey, why don't we get our asses out and VOTE the bad ones out.

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