The Different Selling Points of Trump and Biden

Biden is running primarily on convincing people the nation is in dire straits. Trump is running on convincing them such will be the case if Biden wins.

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  1. We all know the difference the differences between a swamp and a swamp the swamp is not going to give up the swamp is to set it's going to take more than one man it's got to take the boaters are you as a whatever the hell you are you're going to have to make a choice like tempol you're going to have to make a f**** choice dick head make your f**** choice stand the f**** and let it be known

  2. Biden: masks, submission to the new world order, eventually fema camps, has no problem with trying to impeach our duly elected president
    Trump: restoring the constitutional republic, freedom, guns (safety from the state), and they couldn't find any corruption when they tried to impeach our DULY ELECTED president

  3. Biden has one selling point, the democrats will stop their "resistance" so there will be a friendly media telling everyone that all is peachy.

  4. Promulgating negativity. That's kind of what politicians do. They want to convince you that everything is fucked up and that they are the only ones who can restore the status quo, in other words fix what's not broken. They've got a pretty easy job as long as the majority is convinced that normalcy is painless and everything in the world should be free. And that we need to let our law makers keep making more laws, so that their jobs don't become obsolete, thus putting them on the unemployment line at the tax payer's expense. On second thought, maybe there is something broken that needs fixed.

  5. As far as the debates go, the only thing Biden could convince us of is that he's lost his mind.
    This is elder abuse just to shoe horn in a wamen of color into the presidency when he croaks in the Oval Office.

  6. Hey Styxx , Have you ever been a consultant to anyone seeking office ? . I've been following you for awhile now and at first I was a little leary of you being a ex Dem but as time goes on I can see you are usually spot on.I think anyone who is sick of the Pub/right Dem/left charade and wants to run as any kind of independent/Libertarian would be wise to seek out your advice and insight . Peace !

  7. You mean the guy who can not tell if he is himself or his wife is going to do all these difficult political maneuvers? And average folks will vote for the party aligned with rioters and the suppression of their livelihoods and liberties?

  8. As a left leaning guy, I’ve been hearing a lot of reasonable democrats tell me that although Biden is not nearly the optimal choice, he will bring with him democrats to appoint to positions within our government. Is this a reasonable conclusion to vote for Biden? I truly am not sure at this point

  9. Heal a nation by taking away gun rights, locking everyone in their homes, destroying business and kowtowing to whatever else is the popular whining point soup of the day. Sounds legit.

  10. A soft coup, sometimes referred to as a silent coup, is a coup d'état without the use of violence, but based on a conspiracy or plot that has as its objective

  11. It's the Democrats we're talking about. Even if things significantly improve til the debates, the media will just create a false narrative of things being far worse than they are, and Biden will argue from that alternate reality. It will ultimately be a debate about what the actual state of the country is, and Trump isn't very good at utilising data and statistics, while the leftist establishment are real masters at manipulative statistics.