The “Dirty” Economy Of Australia

The economy of the land down under is reliant on dirt. Yes, literal dirt. Here’s why.
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  1. About the top tax rate being applied at a relatively low level, perhaps it would be better to compare the percentage of people that have such incomes before tax and deductions.

  2. As an Australian, what should we manufacture? Innovative solar panel tech? We have a huge desert and surrounded by ocean? Maybe other tidal/wave generators?

  3. talking about high tax rates – in Netherlands annual personal income over 68.000 euros is taxed at 49.50%. And no negative gearing trickery to modify your taxable income.

  4. Negative gearing sounds like a perfect example of why capital gains taxes ought to be higher than income taxes. For one thing, earning money through labor or transactions adds to the economy in a way that picking the winning lottery number at the stock market doesn't, and for another it seems like every place that has high income taxes and low capital gains taxes ends up with people who do some kind of shenanigans to exploit that to underpay on their taxes.

  5. The whole concept of economy has made the majority of public slave around the world. Public must work all his life and keep paying back to the masters. That master can be a king, a trust, a company, a bank, a government, an army or a warlord who controls all the resources, wealth and movement of people and products. In old days, people rarely had to pay taxes or once in a while. Now you cant live without paying taxes as they are everywhere and in everything.

  6. Of course Australia has one of the highest median income in the world. 25 million people having a continent's resources to extract… who wouldn't be living like gods?

    and Australia still manage to be so horrible… unbelievable.

  7. If people stopped voting Liberal, things would be better, I think it's dumb luck that we get as far as we do, but our economy is mostly digging stuff out of the ground and selling coffee to each other.

  8. Australia willing to play mafia with the US is predictable.  They are similar in DNA like they all killed natives in order to steal their lands and claimed as theirs.  Both of them are racist and colonial mentalism.

  9. Australia is essentially a low tech extraction encomony that is lucky to sit on a big mineral deposit. The people are cool but the politicians are lousy and low class.

  10. I think a lot of your drone shots have frame rates that do not match the video export's framerate. This is what is causing the choppy playback. You can remedy this with frame interpolation or modifying the video playback speed both of which work well with drone shots.

  11. That negative gearing section sounds like a massive bubble. What happens once the real estate in the cities has been purchased and everyone starts selling? It sounds just like the GFC on an Australian scale.

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