The dirty “Net Zero” carbon myth (that everyone believes)

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This is why Net Zero is a scam. One that is not only basically believed by the whole world, but one that is running our nations, and being bought and paid for by your tax dollars.

You’ve definitely heard of “Net Zero” before. It was first popularised during the Paris Climate Agreement in 2016, hosted by the United Nations. And while they likely have the best interests of our planet at heart, there are of course massive entities (especially the world’s oil companies) who are taking advantage of Net Zero. Mostly, so they can make lots and lots of money.

The worst thing is, one of the solutions being heralded as our best choice for achieving these goals is carbon capture and storage. Which isn’t basically doing anything at all. And is being use to make billions in extra dollars for oil companies.

Let me know your thoughts below.

0:00 – Why Net Zero
1:02 – Where “Net Zero” actually came for
2:16 – How oil companies lie about Net Zero
3:38 – Carbon capture isn’t what we were promised
6:38 – Why oil companies really like CCS technology
8:28 – Net Zero is just misdirection
10:23 – Some final thoughts

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  1. How about the fact that climate has been much warmer than now in the Medieval Warm Period and others. The link between CO2 and climate is very weak at best. What about the biggest GHG of all…..water vapour? How do we get rid of that? Ridiculous.

  2. Desperation = innovation? Perhaps that’s what these lazy/uninformed shepherds believe. “Bring me some natural power” said in my creepy-best Klaus Schwab voice. “Make z big amazing wheel spin with the nice wind, blow harder little human”.

  3. Have you considered that maybe, just maybe, this whole suggestion that human activities are causing the climate to change via CO2 is, in fact, entirely a money-making scheme pushed by the so-called elite? As Sorelle says, follow the money! It's entirely more credible that the sun has, always has, and always will be, responsible for an ever-changing climate on Earth. Just look at all the people most vocal about changing the way we live. They're the ones who stand to earn the most. John Kerry, the literal Climate Envoy for the USA, and Obama himself, both recently bought $10/14M homes next to the ocean and endlessly fly private jets all round the world … do you really think they actually believe sea levels are rising and CO2 is apocalyptic…?

  4. Regenerative agriculture is the only sensible carbon capture while producing food including meat!
    This has started to feel like a major distraction from plastic as well, made by oil yet with all this noise no mention about it. And all our clothes becoming polyester and acrylic fibers!

  5. you are so right! we need a CO2 Splitter to carbon mixed to solid and Oxygen as Gas. AND a lot of people will thing this will take a long time and will cost a lot. LOL
    But the Truth is we have a lot of CO2 Splitters but we or better the big company's Destroy them all over the World.
    And this CO2 Splitters are called plants, trees, bushes and so on.
    But if a road is to dangers or better to many stupid drivers kill them self by hitting a tree, all tree's needs to go. or if a other stupid say's we need more lanes, plants need to go.
    And if we ask those big company's why are you destroying the Oceans or the Amazonas or the Rivers the answer is: it is cheaper to pay the fines or bribes than to care about the environment.

  6. The disclaimer under the video that says

    'Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, mainly caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels.'

    Is wrong.

    Climate change quite literally refers to the climate changing.

    if you want to say its caused by human activities then that is different.

    That is called human induced climate change and that is a claim regardless of the 'consensus'. Claims require evidence. They are conflating to brainwash to the ignorant what is going on.

  7. The whole climate change initiative is a scam. They will keep it up as long as we let them. It is basic distributing money from us to the elite few.

  8. I don't see any cited sources for this. Got some you can provide? Would love to read more about this topic, what is 'true' and what is sensationalized. It's easy to watch these types of videos and go straight to "oil corps bad" without looking further into it. Everyone has their own agenda.

  9. I think it's interesting enough that I recently got solar panels and saw the bill increase, let alone all this doublespeak going on. Someone has managed to not only put a pricetag on the sun, but taxes too, the govt had them installed. What will all these other gadgets do?

  10. shell is an especially dirty company , they managed to ruin nigerias's entire water supplies and claimed that terrosist attacks were the cause , while it's the government's fault to some extent , it's still crazy to see how much power oil companies have nowadays!

  11. Look up Dr David Johnson (Johnson-Su Bioreactor) Fungal dominated soil can heal the earth and reverse the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. This process can be used by the home owner, the farmers and anyone or industry that uses the soil. Also look up Paul Stamets and mushroom uses. All Life on this planet is directly linked to fungal growth.

  12. Okay so we have bad actors and it is frustrating but I live near the first carbon capture facility and it works well, we need to work on finding better uses for the captured carbon like reactivating it’s for use in graphine materials.

  13. Agricultural practices over the past century has contributed more to the problem than burning fossil fuels. Regenerative agricultural methods can reverse the situation by sequestering carbon back into the soil where it needs to be in the form of vegetative roots.

  14. I think as a species we should clean up our act, and learn new ways of doing things. But the sky is not falling, well, yet 😉 But give us time and we will surely start burning the innocent for doing something that we believe they are doing but can't prove or see. And what is the best way to control and make money? Scare the hell out of people and then sell them the answer. 🙁

  15. This, combined with how often the rich and famous fly around in their jets, makes this whole 'save the Earth' thing one giant joke. They're asking us to bend over backwards so they can continue their lifestyles

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