The dissident voices must defy the masses to protect us from totalitarianism (Desmet & Weinstein)

Bret Speaks with Mattias Desmet on the subject of mass formation, a topic Mattias has spent a great deal of time exploring and has written a recent book on (The Psychology of Totalitarianism), linked below. They tackle this process from their differing backgrounds of expertise and discuss what it suggests about our path into the future.
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  1. With regard to mass formation, we must also consider people’s individual make up, in particular any trauma or abuse they may have experienced in life, as these preconditions will have a massive impact on how people respond to threats and the officially offered threat solutions.
    For me, lockdown and mask wearing caused increased depression and previously unknown anxiety, plus morbid thoughts about how to end one’s life. I spoke to my GP and explained that my worsening condition was due to my perceived view that I was suffering not only from sensory deprivation, but that I found government overreach to be abusive. I told her I’d been at the receiving end of abusive relationships and latterly had learnt to walk away from such abuse. But how do you walk away from government abuse.
    My GP understood and gave me a letter exempting me from the mask mandates and also offered counselling, which in fact turned out very useful.

    I learnt that childhood trauma – experienced in my early school years ( mid 1960’s) – had set me up to fear authority figures. This arose due to my dyslexia, which in those days was unknown. Teachers in the UK were not allowed to used corporal punishment any more, so they chose to shame or humiliate kids instead. Although I'm hugely creative, I was in effect conditioned to believe I was lazy and useless in the eyes of others. From the counselling, I also learnt that such trauma is not stored in the mind, but in one’s nervous system and thus cannot be reasoned away. However, understanding both the origin and nature of trauma helped me a lot in terms of acceptance and inspired me to once again engage in risk taking that might cause official ire. In other words, I don’t seek out conflict, but when confronted, I’ll speak my mind.


  3. I left my job earlier than I wanted. I am retirement age, but was going to stay a while longer but with the jab, and masks, I ran, got the flip out of the stupid madness

  4. Good thing "some" of the intellectuals of the world didn't succumb to mass formation thinking and were brave enough to speak up. Many thanks to you and Heather for being beacons of light throughout this nightmare.

  5. Yes I was isolated. I looked around me and understood the world had gone mad. My biggest reaction was one of inner rage. This was bad. I felt sick with it. That people could willingly follow each other off a cliff, and try and drag me over too was terrifying. The worst bit for me was the attack on our kids. Awful.

    I overcame the rage by walking in nature, sorting out my allotment, and researching. I never bought into any of it. No mask, no jabs. I'm just viewed as a 'climate denier' in my village. Bizarre!

  6. It only takes one brave soul in a group to resist. My husband and I never changed our tune and weren’t afraid to be honest about our opinion but only IF we were asked. We gradually met more people who felt the same, the group grew, now nearly everyone agrees with us.

  7. Indeed, must continue to speak out mustering courage needed; tyranny is ruthless imprisoning dissidents at their whim! My comments are directed to these powers, have been for half a decade, clearly repeating warnings from maligned great prophets as Ayn Rand ~~ individual free creativity is the only producer of wealth ~~

  8. Yes !
    Trump is a 2 faced Janus.
    He sucked them by pretending to reject vaccines. Then he turned and bragged about warp speed bringing in the jabs!
    You knew I was snake before you let me in ‘ while his song constantly playing RollingStones sympathy for the devil at all his rally’s.
    I’m a conservative! Fool me once shame on you – fool me twice shame on me.
    Wake up !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Right – left ! Same bird different wings… working together/ causing division. A country divided will not stand. The rising Phoenix . Welcome to the new world order. The haves and the have nots … it’s upon us.
    Who will take the mark and comply? Will you save your life to loose your soul ? Or loose this life to gain eternal life? It’s at the door ! Choose wisely 🙏

  9. It's so amazing to see you both talking to each other. I've been following each of you the past two years. I agree Bret, I hope you will keep your freedom to speak. We need minds like you to make sense of this chaos. Thanks

  10. I think the addiction has more of the form of mutual bulshit co-signing. People have move so far away from their own nature they have to keep on lying to themselves.

  11. My experience is totally different. I live alone in the country and very isolated, yet I didn't believe in the hype right from day 1. OTOH I have many friends who live in close families who totally bought it. It's a matter of logic and scepticism as opposed to emotionalism, lack of reflection, and credulity. I belonged to a church, Christians were particularly susceptible to Covidism because it fits with end time prophecy (pestilence) and obviously because of misplaced genuine compassion.

  12. People totally turned their heads or changed the subject, soon as I said there is something not right about the virus the restrictions and the vaccine agenda. They still do .

  13. I am married, but I felt that made me feel even more isolated since my partner completely bought into the mainstream narrative. It is hard when people you thought you knew so well just can't seem to see the same things you do. Even my family did not care about the economic hardship the lockdown brought for my business and just told me to find a new career. I don't think things will ever be the same far as my connection to those I know.

  14. I'm not going to needed doctors appointments due to the scary stuff coming from the health industry…they said on countless media outlets that I am a not worthy of receiving care because I chose not to get the poke…I'm truly concerned for me and others needing health care…I can't be the only one…

  15. I guess I didn't realize the full extent of the pernicious effects of the trauma-based mind-control programming that had gone on for 2 long years until I was turned away last month from the community theatre in the next town over for having refused to be injected with an experimental technology that was being marketed and sold by a group of criminals I wouldn't trust to feed my goldfish.

    After saying good-bye to the two kind friends who had invited me, I thought to myself- this is a betrayal by the very community I've worked with and loved for over 30 years. This was the first play I'd even been to in over two years and the only time I had ever been turned away from a theatre for any reason other than the fact that the performance was sold out.

    (It's interesting to note that the last play I saw was "Jesus Christ Superstar" in my own hometown of Vero Beach, Florida. And as we all know – that's a story about a man who told the people that their world was a lie and they tortured and killed him for it.)

    I haven't written about this degrading incident until now because the betrayal I felt that night was so great it's taken me several weeks to even begin to process it. How do I describe the feeling I had as I was turned away by my very own tribe and walked back to my car and drove away? Let me just say it was a feeling I wouldn't wish on anyone – not even Klaus Schwab and those who know me know by now just how much I hate that wretched bastard.

    So, as I walked away from my local theatre that night – the very theatre that had just turned me away for being "unclean" – I remember saying under my breath -" I will never write another play again". The love I had for the theatre died that night. And I don't think it's coming back. The very people I once respected I only feel pity for that they were stupid and trusting enough to fall for such an evil trick.

    I will say that before I left – I calmly said to the three individuals whose job it was to keep me out of their theatre, "The reason you are turning me away is punitive – it has nothing to do with health because you are allowing people inside your theatre who have all gotten the experimental technology and yet they can still carry and transmit the virus to the person sitting next to them so what you are doing is punishing me for not complying to an evil system's demands. It has nothing to do with keeping people "safe" and to pretend any virtue on your part here is an insult to my intelligence."

    The three of them just looked at me like I was nuts. They couldn't even see the logic of what I was telling them because they have been programmed and mind-controlled within an inch of their lives to believe a lie.

    These are the dreaded order-followers who never think for themselves. And they are EVERYWHERE in this hell-realm.

    The fact that all human logic and reason has gone out the fucking window should be a big clue that the human race is in very bad hands. And unless the order-followers wake up fast – this will NOT turn out well in the end for the majority of human beings who have had the misfortune of being born into this evil deception we've been told is our "home". What was it my fellow playwright once wrote… 'hell is empty and all the devils are here"?

    At the age of 55, I'm sad to admit that Bill hit the nail on the head with that one. This is hell and all the devils are most certainly here. Some of them are even volunteering at the local community theatre in Catskill, New York.

  16. The brain washing the M S M did and continue to do is so intense. They said that things that were on the internet was all basically hogwash, don't buy or believe anything you read or hear on the net. So, these people who really totally believe that all in health care and govt are good and interested only in their health, no matter what has happened anywhere else, or in the past. …they got their information only through one or two tell lie vision channels (channeling)….and watching programs (programming)…. it only takes a tad bit of, not research, but questioning of self beliefs, I believe, to change the mind programming. Which is so deeply imbedded in most people's brain. Hope this makes sense. I suk with words

  17. BRET: FYI… there are people out here who have already lost all their friends and will loose their spouse and children too, if they continue to speak out. What's your solution?

  18. I needed to hear this today. After a short bout of writers block, and a small break from this podcast, as well as a few other favorite channels – simply because I need a break from the topic, I've gotten the message I needed to feel encouraged. Thank you two!

  19. I'm missing the logic of how all these people who I never saw or heard speaking out, or supporting me when I was, who did nothing to prevent this from happening to begin with, and are now nowhere to be seen in public anywhere I've been, are now gonna somehow band together and retroactively prevent or undo the theft of wealth and power. I can't foresee the millions of cowards who were wishing punishment and death on their neighbors after a few months of lockdown(prison term) won't represent some zany flavor of psychotic obstacle, either.

  20. The Cochran-Harpending theory is that one reason the Amish retention rate has gone up over the generations, as rates drop for the rest of America, is because they have been boiling off Amish-born individuals with genomes that don’t put up well with the Amish lifestyle, that the Amish have been breeding themselves for their favorite trait: “plainness.” Being "plain" is not so plain. It's an evolutionary imperative. What is "plain" or "common" for a group, is what evolution has decided is the most important trait for group survival.

  21. Nothing changed for me and my family. We kept doing what we've always done and called bullshit in week 3. It took a few weeks for us to "feel the room" and realize we were in on a massive human experiment. We never wore a mask, not vaccinated and only got sick once in the past 2.5 years. I had a horrendous, abusive childhood, so my disdain for authority only got hardened.

  22. I've always been isolated even when I was surrounded by people.
    I've dated women but never had a 'partner'.
    Covid gave me the opportunity to get out.
    I am alone in the desert and I will never go back.

  23. The Universities are mostly empty here due to continuing puncture mandates , including boosters for the upcoming fall session. J. Peterson previous U is insisting on this (U of T). Insanity!

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