The DNC is one big Anti-Trump Rally

August 18th


Written by Adamcast IRL


  1. We "can't be Americans and just get along" because BLM and ANTIFA exist to prevent that any way they can, including violence and mob intimidation.

  2. A total AngerFest! When are people going to figure out anger doesn’t pay the bills and keep the bridges safe to drive over? We need to get back to people that are productive in society.

  3. Put "Trump very fine people truth" into youtube and literally the second result is a video debunking it, no commentary, just showing his full answer to the questions

    It's literally that easy and these people call us retards who can't critically think and just blindly believe fox news …they always project…

    It's hilarious how easy it is to see how crooked the media is by just watching his speech and not just the out of context clips presented by people who shit on him 24/7 and make it publicly known they detest him…. and they have the sheer arrogance to think they are able to see bias and we are too stupid to.

  4. I am pretty sure that these Governors that put Covid into the Nursing Homes did it on purpose to bring the death count. The biggest disease at this point is all the damned Pod People running around with masks. They are causing mass fear.

  5. The basis of the Democratic process is to offer your vision of society to the voter and convince them that you will fight for it, so they can decide whether you will represent their own interests.

    By making their entire argument "We are not Trump", with no positive advocacy for themselves and no vision to fight for, the Democratic establishment demonstrates their contempt for the Democratic process and the voters, and their elitist belief that they are entitled to rule the country even if they do nothing to benefit the country.

  6. The things that bothered me about the DNC they didn't talk about the riots kasich says burden is moderate while bernie was bragging about the radical ideas are being adopted as main stream. Blaming Trump on coronavirus and not the CCP meanwhile he allowed the states to make the decisions following 10 th amendment. I just wish they would be more honest and hear more real policy I don't like trunp however he is the better choice he may be accused of being racists while Biden said he didn't want his kids in a racial jungle then he chooses someone who called him on it and then oh nothing to see here the man is the best even though I shit on him. At least I know what I am getting with orange man

  7. Cuomo is a self serving egomaniac. First he built that ugly "mountain"…. then the poster – also ugly, btw! Of course there was going to be a book Adam. Lol

  8. Kind of a late comment, but I think that many Trump voters are not really R's. It has been shown time and time again that R's are weak, and only exist to serve as controlled opposition to the Democrat party. The D's are insane and the R's are weak. Most R's are upset at how weak they are and basically do nothing. Lindsey Graham and Trey Gowdy are prime examples.

    If Trump announced that he created a new political party, I think he would immediately destroy the Republican party because everyone would switch.

  9. When Obama was president right wingers didn't act like this. They were super fair to Obama. Never called him a socialist or questioned his place of birth. Nothing. Super fair and non biased.

  10. They keep saying trump divided us lol he won they lost their minds and have been trying to stop him at every turn and he has won every time and the can't accept it is them who have caused the divisions

  11. If I could vote in America I would vote Trump, he hasn't taken America into any new wars and he is pro-life. Obama took America into the Libyan civil war in 2011 – the democrats are not peaceful, it was an unnecessary war. The Bush's were warmongers but Trump has tried to clean out their muck.

  12. Trump was a Democrat until the day that he announced his run for president. No one in his family could vote for him, in the RNC primary, because they were all STILL registered Democrats! Trump is STILL a Democrat! But, he is a Democrat like JFK was a Democrat.

  13. Yes my opinion exactly……no policies or promises….it was Trump bashing fest from start to finish…..repeating the same insults over and over again… zombies!!!!