The Drinker Reviews 2020

With 2020 almost at an end (thank God), kick back with a glass of something strong, and join me as I look back on the highs and lows of the year that was.


  1. The edits of old movies to make them more acceptable to woke sensibilities is a story I have missed. Does anyone have a good source, with examples, about this?

  2. Happy new year critical drinker. As an early sub to your channel (very hipster of me) I’m glad you’re hitting the big time this last year. Gotta feeling 21 is gonna be a good year.

  3. I've all but completely stopped watching new movies and TV shows, but I'll always make room for the drinker! Great reviews, and never intentionally steers his viewers wrong, unlike so many shithead shills out there, claiming to be entertainment journalists and "authoritative" review sources.

  4. More genuine, intelligent, passionate and honest people should have good things happen to them. You Sir, are and deserve all of that. Thank You for an entertaining 2020 and all the best in 2021!!

  5. At least 2021 will be better.
    One year later: Who would have thought the zombies would have actually over taken half the US population when the Aliens showed up in March?

  6. Drinker i found your channel roughly a year and a half ago and honestly id be a patron if i didnt need the money youve been my favorite channel ever since and im glad youve been able to do so much with your channel have a good one dude

  7. A videogame that shows different kinds of people and a bold, poignant, raw and well thought of story = Bad bcz forced representation. Get over yourselves, dumb twats

  8. 7:32 It's okay, CD. I never pretended that, either. I knew the beginning of 2021 would not wipe away the whole pandemic, but at least it would be better than 2020 now that we have COVID vaccines. January 1, 2021, 1:14pm

  9. Sadly the light at the end of the tunnel is a train coming at us from the other direction! "I never thought I'd wish I were still in 2020 but here we are now and I long for the silence that was 2020."

  10. I'm so sick of this talk that 2020 was a terrible year.

    2020 didn't suck because the clock changed and we suddenly descended into hell. 2020 was a year just like any other year. 2020 sucked because of corrupt world leaders who knew Trump was going to win relelection, so they decided to shut down the world, scare us into submission, and incite race riots.

    The great reset is coming. Things are NOT going to get better! Fauci is going to tell us until the end of time that we need to wear our masks, socially distance, and avoid gatherings.

    2020 sucked because the Democrat Party declared war on all of us for electing Donald Trump, and they will do everything in their power to make sure it never happens again.

  11. Being American in America to see this shit wuflu and mostly peaceful while murdering, setting fires and looting. FUCK 2020, one President better stay in that White house, while the true loser doesn't Win. Because the World will not get better if the latter sniffer wins.