THE DURAN: Putin’s Escalation Of Ukraine War, Referendums, Partial Mobilization

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THE DURAN: Putin’s Escalation Of Ukraine War, Referendums, Partial Mobilization

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  1. Zelensky Ukrainian Nazi Nationalist Armed Forces – Azov Right Sector Battalion – Azov SS – Azov 308 Regiment – Azov 308B Batalion – Azov Adair Brigades – Totenkopfverbande Brigades – SS Leibstandarte Battalions. (Source US magazine The Nation, wrote in 2019 and 2019 CNN reports) In 2014 Poroshenko said: “These are our best warriors,” he said at an awards ceremony in 2014. (Source: New Economy 2022-03-14 and CNN 2018)

    Ukraine One of the Most Corrupt Country in World. (Source USA Congress)

    For a country that claims ISN’T overrun with Nazis and Nazi sympathizers, Ukraine sure does seem to contain lots of folks sporting Nazi tattoos or patches on their clothing. The latest to be revealed is one of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s bodyguards, who was spotted during a visit to the recently liberated eastern Ukrainian city of Izyum on 2022-09-13-Tuesday sporting a so-called Totenkopfverbande patch, celebrating the guards who ran Nazi concentration camps and later made up Hitler’s personal guards. On 2022-09-14-Wednesday the picture was deleted from the Ukraine Government site. (Totenkopfv means Death Head Nazi Concentration Guards Logo) (SS Leibstandarte Means Hitlers Personal Bodyguards) Both patches were on Ukraine soldier’s uniforms Insignia identifying their Ukraine Army battle group like Brigade, Battalion, Division, Regiment, Battlegroup and Company.

    Zelensky on 2022-09-10 said: People in west need to know that their money for Ukraine is to protect Western Values.

    In 2015-06-01, both Canada and the United States announced that their own forces will not support or train the Azov regiment, citing its Neo-Nazi connections.

    The West 1939: The Nazis are on the march. We need to do something.

    The West 2022: The Nazis are being attacked. We need to do something.

  2. You have to remember that there are 80-100M Anti-democrat/liberal Patriots that are trained, armed and very well supplied should they chance to get rid of the worthless government, will jump!~

  3. There is no way US/ Nato will join this war at any point. If they really wanted to join they would done so a long time ago. They are scared of the russuan army surely the russia army are much superior to them and they know that.

  4. I agree. Sanctioning the Russian people was a huge mistake in hindsight. Not only banning them from traveling but also using digital payments like PayPal. A friend of mine teaches English online and has recently lost all his Russian students because he can't get paid anymore.

  5. I imagine the Ukranian counterOffensive as a poker game where there is only Putin and Zelensky left at the table… Putin with his MOUNTAIN of chips calls and Zelensky, with his couple of chips left, responds with All in staring at Putin furiously… Putin with a casual gesture FOLDs. 😀 😀

  6. For Russia as expanded to include 4 new territories will have a different response to ruthless shelling of Russian citizens and infrastructure. Now Russia being attacked is an act of war. Now Russia must declare war and take possession of all of Ukraine. That is the only way Russia can protect Russia.

  7. The ppl of the EU should help and welcome the Russians. Kick out the bullies of Belgium and their own country heads of state and theft. Track down the leaders in EU of the IMF, WEF, Davos and give them to the dogs

  8. For what it's worth, a YT video I watched yesterday where allegedly the current pope Francis said that the actions of the WEF Davos mafia against Russia with sanctions on energy resources etc , will result in massive rise of "populism" in EU .

  9. Russian advances to Odessa, pivot South to mouth of danube secures Hungary and Serbia access to black sea. Advance to transcarpathia secures a Russia, Hungary, Serbia land bridge. Weakened Moldova and Bulgaria results in Romania encirclement, nato done in east Balkans.

  10. I am surprised that the West behaved the way they did. I really thought that the West were logical people. I related to them in the past, but now I have a totally different take. The West are more emotional in their decision than logical.

  11. It was Germany and Angela Merkel that got the Russians to agree to Nord Stream 2 in 2015, after the Ukrainian crisis had begun, including (the illegal) sanctions targeting the Russian people.
    At 10:59: I have never known a period in history when anything like this has been done, when a whole economic block has taken a step of the kind that it has taken (without any attempt to prepare anything to deal with the crisis which then would come). The EU has been trying since around 2000 to find alternatives to Russian gas; they looked to the Caspian, they looked to North Africa, they looked to Qatar, they looked most recently looked to the US. Every time they looked they came to the conclusion that it wasn't financially economic, …, so they didn't have any real alternatives. What they thought, though, was that the sanctions that they imposed on Russia would crater (lower or even crash) the Russian economy, that there would be an economic collapse there, that the government in Moscow would collapse, and that they wouldn't be in the situation that they are in now. They assumed that the kind of sanctions that they imposed, which were on an enormous scale, the sanctions on (and theft from) the (Russian) central bank, the de-SWIFT-ing of the Russian banks, they assumed that Russia would not economically survive those. And here we are in September, it hasn't turned out that way, even CNN is now publishing articles about how the administration in Washington – and you can be sure the (European) Commission (with the German Ursula von der Leyen as head) in Brussels – is astonished by the resilience of the Russian economy and the fact that it has shrugged off these sanctions in the way that it has done. And they have no plan B because they never expected to be in this situation in which they are in now. ~ Alexander Mercouris

  12. Referendums are meaningless eventually Russia will be expelled from ukraine and they will be..the west has unlimited resources to keep it going putin does not putin won't use nukes without becoming nuked himself and ruling over a desolate nuclear wasteland

  13. When you think European or American, Ukraine has regained some ground and it becomes a grand propaganda victory, but when you think with reason or as a Russian, it is a "bone" returned to Ukraine because useless, more meat around,, to trap him in what remains the main objective, the Annexation by referendum of territories historically Russian at the origin, Bravo Putin, great master of the game of chess,, for a Absolute MATT.

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