The Duran: Russian Mobilization Could End Ukraine War Soon

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  1. Russia could have won this war within three months but it has been stretched out because Putin and Xi Jinping are still under the wing of Herr Klaus Schwab and this is nothing more than a prelude to the main event

  2. Referendums in the Donbass, as well as in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions are a response to Vladimir Zelensky's call for Russians to leave Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.
    "The apotheosis was the interview of Mr. Zelensky on August 5 last year, who advised everyone who feels Russian, for the sake of their children, their grandchildren, to go to Russia," the minister said, speaking at a meeting of the UN Security Council on Ukraine.
    "It seems to me that the decisions that residents of a number of regions of Ukraine have now taken to hold referendums are a response to his wishes," Lavrov added.

  3. Soon probably means next March. Russia is going to rotate professional troops from front line facing NATO to fight in Ukraine and replace those with new conscripts. The infamous General Winter is also coming.

  4. The battle has now become the West vs East world conflict. This became apparent after the SCO Summit. Russia is now fully aligned with the East so to speak.
    Russia has declared that the Fatherland is no longer a Western European nation; but a EuroAsian Nation. All Russian pipe- lines will start flowing South East. Millions of Russians will visit China and India on business; and as tourists. A paradigm shift in Russian values! Zietgeist of an Asian dawn! Russians want a piece of the action.

  5. Some really weird analyzing…. The fact is that Russia had to withdraw their forces from Kharkiv region because they had to stop the counter-offensive in Kherson area. Little did they know that Ukraine had a large amount of troops waiting for the Russians to relocate themselves. Once they did, Ukraine started the attack which was a huge shock and Russians fled in panic. Almost immediately after that Putin started to plan referendums as an excuse to start a war and make a full mobilization. Now he is in hurry and had no other option than to do partial mobilization. Little by little this is becoming a total war for both parties and I'm afraid Putin can not handle Ukrainian army without using their nuclear arsenal….. Total fiasco if you ask me

  6. Let's see if they can even find 10,000 people to show up. If these reservists were so motivated to go to the Ukraine they would have volunteered already, especially when they were offering massive bonuses.

    There's already people fleeing Russia like crazy. So bad that the Russians had to order airlines to stop taking reservations for men between ages of 18 and 50.

    Let's say they even get 300,000 soldiers. You know how long it's going to take to retrain these people. I was in the US Army and I know that once you're out for even a little bit you lose a lot of the skills you had. Even when I was in the reserves we met one weekend a month and we did our annual training two weeks in the summer and when we were mobilized we needed 6 months of training. The Russian reservists have almost zero training once they get off active duty. So even people that have been out for only a few years are going to need a lot of training. And where are these instructors supposed to come from? There's no way they could mobilize hundreds of thousands of soldiers at once because who's going to train them? You can't just take some guys off the front line and say here be drill instructors! The thing is the Russian Army gets very poor training by most standards. It's going to be even worse if you don't have good instructors teaching these soldiers what to do to stay alive. So even if Russia does manage to mobilize people they're going to have to do in increments.

    The Russian Army reserves technically includes men that haven't served in decades. There's a good chance that the roles of the army reserved are filled with men that are dead, physically or mentally not prepared to be in the military again.

    And where is the equipment going to come for these men? The Russians are already ripping all the depots they can to scrounge together tanks and other equipment. The digger they deep the more older equipment they're using that's hard to maintain and inferior on the battlefield.

    And then everyone keeps saying the Russian Army will wait till the winter. Russian soldiers are very good for fighting in the winter. This is not World War II. He thinks some 20-year-old that's making Instagram videos in Moscow is going to be a hard faced soldier fighting in the winter in the Ukraine? And for those who keep thinking that Russian soldiers are great at Winter fighting, have you ever seen the pictures of the Soviet soldiers frozen in the war against Finland or in World War II? Now fast forward to where the current Russian soldiers haven't lived under a Stalin their whole lives. Well pretty close to Stalin but still not a Stalin LOL

    This is what happens when you have hosts who know nothing about the military try to act like military analysts. It's like watching a bunch of nuns talk about the best sex positions. I love how these people listen to Alexander like he's some great expert. A lawyer who is disbarred in the UK.

  7. Good gawd Jackson expand your awareness instead of lipping small closed topic questions: “does you think the mobilization is the result of Harkov or with ending the war soon (sic)” what makes anyone think these two issues only were the basis of a mobilization? Good gawd man…

  8. Thank you Jackson for telling the truth! Thank you for your courage! 👏👏👏👏👏I'm so proud of you!
    You woke up so many people!
    I'm so glad to see that more and more people are joing your channel!
    In eastern Europe we are living in the dark of lies spread by our sould governments and by sould stream media ! And, of course, we have eu and otan who are "taking care of us" to have NOTHING, no resources, no food, no warm habits, no hope! EU and otan are with the Dark Side ! And they want to destroy us.
    God bless you! May God take care of you and of all of us!🙏🙏🙏
    Love from Romania!

  9. I doubt anyone truly believes the war will end soon. The is an escallation, nothing more. NATO IS GONNA enter this conflict because the alternative is unexceptable. The destruction of NATO.

  10. As much as you’re correct about the west & it’s military industrial complex, corruption & propaganda, you’re just as guilty of propaganda but In favor of Moscow.

    You are not a straight shooter.

    We know who’s lining your pockets.


  11. Soon? it is going to take a couple months to get them trained and ready to even deploy.. and the question is with what? at least half of the Russian losses claimed by ukraine have photographic or video evidence so they probably aren't too wrong either with what they claim to have destroyed. Morale is going to be even lower now obviously since all volunteer soldiers have been exhausted and nobody is even going to want to be there hence the mobilization of conscripts (lol two promises to the people broken in one go).

    Those poor souls are probably going to end up freezing like they were in february, but who knows maybe all of the criminals they unleashed all around Ukraine can fill in the gaps until that happens.

    Also lol at anyone who thinks this referendum is legit when it was brought up suddenly, accepted into law, organized, and soon to be finalized in less than 1 single week. You cannot hold a referendum when you don't own 40-50% of the territory in question but.. it is Russia, they already have the results in hand.

  12. Russians you need to protect your country, what some russians are doing by running away is shameful and betrayal and unpatriotic. You are being used by USA and nato,, russia need to defend the parts it has already gotten,, thus you..this is your respect as a nation.go back and defend Russia

  13. The West won't let Russia win. Putin is up against something bigger than the West, the banking and corporate globalist that are controlled by the Left.

    The mobilization gives the West a better means to cripple Russia and Putin. Increase arming and training Ukraine with Western weapons to keep a stalemate that kills more Russians, cause unrest in Russia, and harm their economy.

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