The Election Is Being Rigged AGAINST Trump And Its INSANELY Obvious, Democrats Are Cheating To Win

The Election Is Being Rigged AGAINST Trump And Its INSANELY Obvious, Democrats Are Cheating To Win. Adam Schiff reboots russiagate, social media says they will ban only Trump if he declares victory, and mail in voting is broken.

Its all just so painfully obvious. The Democrats are cheating and their allies in tech and media are helping. Every possible scandal is erupting, every smear being dropped, and at the same time the Democrats warn that unless Joe Biden wins in a landslide there will be an escalation of physical conflict.

If the polls were so accurate and Biden was set to win, then why all the scandals, lies, smears, and dirty games?

Perhaps Democrats fear they are going to lose and Trump will win.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Tim you should read about the issues with Voter ID laws. It's important to understand the issues thoroughly instead of just fear mongering

  2. "538 has Joe Biden favored to win."

    Serious question here: when was the last time a Republican president was favored to win by polling outlets? I legit want to know if anyone has ever seen this phenomenon. It seems like the media for my entire adult life has done nothing but reward Democrats their four year Mandate of Heaven or curse the evil Republicans for stealing what was rightfully theirs.

  3. I have an idea and I dont know if I would ever be able to get it out to make traction but I have been listening to and looking up Michael Jackson tonight and I think I finally had an epiphany….I do believe that those on the right have taken the wrong approach to BLM. i know their original message has been tainted by those on the left but I believe its time for those on the right to come together and be one next to BLM ALONG WITH the message that police lives matter as well and neither matter more. we need to be the ones to heal this trauma because our government is too busy trying to win american votes. So for all the innocent and for all those who have been wronged on all sides and those who just stand on the sidelines its time to make UNITY TRUTH and KINDNESS MATTER so we can see each other as equals rather then winners and losers.

  4. I think you've all lost your damn minds. Just stop with the nonsense. If Trump loses, it's because he lost. This is all just a ploy to challenge the election if Trump does lose because people do not want to accept reality. I'm tired of folks like Tim Pool who use select bits of "news" to slant everything into his dumb, unfounded perspective. Guess what, reports show Republican run states are in just as much financial trouble as Democratic ones. They're just as desperate for government help. This isn't conjecture, but facts. I can cherrypick information too to fit my owm narrative. There is no evidence that mail in voting is broken and low integrity. There's an article linked below with numerous sources to disprove that.. Just stop this toxic BS. I can't trust anything coming out of Tim Pool's mouth just like I can trust anything coming out of MSNBC or CNN or Fox. These folks, like Tim Pool, are all playing you. He claims to read to both sides of the news, but he has proven over and over again that he doesn't because he doesn't include the information freely available out there that goes against his baseless conspiracy theories. This ain't right vs left. This is about waking up to grifters like Tim Pool, who can be found on sides of the fence. I'm glad to be an Independent because Republicans and Democrats have lost your damn minds and have become toxic to the future of this country. Let's go back to facts, not baseless conspiracy theories.

    Here's a quote and a link to the article, I doubt people will take the time to read.

    "Critics say people could vote more than once via absentee ballots and in person.
    But numerous nationwide and state-level studies over the years have not revealed evidence of major, widespread fraud.

    There have been isolated cases of postal ballot fraud, such as in the 2018 North Carolina primary, which was re-run after a consultant for the Republican candidate tampered with voting papers
    There was also a case earlier this year in New Jersey which saw two Democratic councillors charged with alleged fraud in relation to postal voting, after hundreds of ballots were found stuffed in a post box.

    But the rate of voting fraud overall in the US is between 0.00004% and 0.0009%, according to a 2017 study by the Brennan Center for Justice.

    A Washington Post review of the 2016 election found one proven case of postal voting fraud.

    And a voter fraud database collated by Arizona State University between 2000 and 2012, found 491 cases of postal ballot fraud out of hundreds of millions of votes.

    Oregon has held postal elections since 2000 and has only reported 14 fraudulent votes attempted by mail.

    A primary election in New York this June took weeks to determine a winner after poll officials were deluged with 10 times the normal number of mail-in ballots.

    In August, election officials said that nearly one in five postal votes had to be disqualified due to arriving late, not having the right postmark or lacking a signature.
    But there has been no evidence of widespread fraud, according to the New York Times.

    What about safeguards?

    There are provisions in place to prevent people from impersonating voters or stealing ballots – such as authorities checking that ballots have come from voters' registered address and requiring signatures on envelopes.

    President Trump has claimed that the the signature for mail-in voting "doesn't have to be verified."

    However, most states do specifically compare signatures on the ballot with one on file and all have steps in place to verify postal votes, according to National Public Radio.
    Other checks include witness or notarised signatures.

    And these are applied to all postal votes (whether requested on absentee or other grounds).
    There have been suggestions that an increase in postal voting would help turnout among Democratic voters, but there is no strong evidence that either party would gain an advantage."

  5. @Tim Pool
    This video came out days ago… why is it just showing up in my Notifi….. ohhhh it's the Tim Pool channel and NOT TIMCAST
    Well it was tecommended then.

  6. RNC MUST post a reward of $20 Million paid in Increments of $100K to $10 Million for info and arrest and prosecution of anyone found guilty of Ballot Stuffing; Using or Making Fake Ballots, Destroying Ballots or corrupting the Voting Process in any way.!  AS they Take out Full page ads in Multiple US Papers….THEY CAN CHALLENGE the DNC to Match their Offer!…. Its a Win Win For TRUMP!…and a Guaranteed LOSS for the DNC either way !!! tweeted part to TRUMP !!

  7. Why is this guy wearing a beanie always? I don’t get it Tim the reason that it was blocked was simple no stimulus for the people provisions for companies in which are already protected. I would argue a tape isn’t a smear. I don’t like Biden but a tape with Trump saying it.

  8. The song I think of when the Democrats and media make their predictions:

    Just you know why
    Why you and I
    Will by and by
    Know true love ways

    (with lots of smashing and crashing and tantrum throwing in the background)

  9. It’s funny how Democrats cannot even change it from Russia to China. Oh wait China owns them. But anyone who thinks the Democrats aren’t trying to rig the election and have been for years then go with it ignorance is bliss.

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  11. I wish Dim Fool would take off that liberal disguise and let his true balding, middle-aged conservative self out. Only trumptards believe this clown was ever anything else.