The Election Mafia Is Struggling To COPE With Their Impending DEFEAT!


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  1. Never underestimate the Leftist motivation the cheat.
    As long as the çontrol the Damion voter machine's, dead people, illegals voter's.
    Oh and don't forget mail in ballots. And the best for last ballot harvesting.
    This election will need to be monitored more than ever. Why?
    The wull be desperate, and when a wounded animal is corners they will liable to do anything!

  2. Looks like Heels Up Harris will be trading in her heels for tennis shoes so she can run the he'll out OF DC to get away from the Potato Joe 🥔 😉 as he and the rest of the Demonrats fall after elections.

  3. I just saw the Memory movie ad while watching this and the first thing said was "I've always been the bad man, have for a very long time" I couldn't help to think to myself…yup sounds like the DNC! 😂

  4. Liberals are on sm touting a fake poll that shows Harris beating President Trump in a match up lmfao 🤣 😂 😆 They are losing their s*** now. We overturned their precious Roe. Dems didn't get the boost they were hoping for. All 10 of the rinos who voted for impeachment will be gone. 2 decided not to run. Chainey is going down in a couple weeks

  5. After what happened in 2020, I know to not count my chickens before they hatch. Yes maybe they stole the election, yes it looks like they got away with it???? All we can do is pray and go to the poles.

  6. 1. Go out and vote in person, no alternatives.
    2. A new covid variant or Monkeypox outbreak will be "reported" close to voting, protect yourself if needed but do NOT follow stay in doors orders.
    3. Do not let voting places go unpunished if they redo what they did in 2020, and they will try it again since it worked a few times already.
    4. The most important point to make: DO NOT GET COMPLACENT. reality is not what you "feel", it's defined by your own actions.

  7. Pelosi already said they “have no intention of loosing.” Plans to fix the vote are already in progress regardless of their “voter integrity” bill passing.

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