The elite that has taken almost all the money is now after everything else as well | Neil Oliver

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  1. Brilliantly well-put, Neil. The madness, either mass hysterical delusion, or intentional conspiracy, that drove the wrong-headed and bad-science initiatives during COVID are continuing and will be a constant part of our lives and society unless people start to push-back now. The whole "Green Agenda" is based on bad science, hugely complex systems such as the environment cannot be easily modelled on a computer to produce predictable forecasts or solutions. Weather forecasting is notoriously inaccurate for anything more than a week or two in advance. Just like the computer modelling of COVID and the highly complex system of virus contagion was entirely wrong and led to horrendous consequences of lockdowns where the cure was worse than the disease, literally.

  2. He nails everything here. Bill Gates wants to control the export of food to the poorer nations as the USA is the biggest exporter of food in the world. Why? Dutch (number 6 world exporter of food) farming is also being made less productive by regulations forcing farm sales for land to build houses on. I guess Bill Gates and the rest really do think there are too many people and that the Africans are the least desirable. Ukraine harvest will be greatly reduced next year. Add that to the attack on the soy bean harvest (used for cattle feed) and you seem to have a policy to reduce world food supply. Why?

  3. We know who messed up the world. During NAFTA, The government of Mexico stole the farmers' land and pushed them all into the city. It was really sad to see everyone squeezed into the streets selling cheap chinese trinkets. This was in 1992 that I saw this. The memory always crops up when I hear about the UN Agendas. I think Mexico was a beta test.

  4. Nations that reject God lose blessing. We need His Grace through Jesus Christ. Doesn't human history show clearly that we have a tendency to do evil? Without Jesus in us our corruption increases. The Liberal world view that we are a cosmic accident and there is no God above ourselves is completely untrue.

  5. We dont know how much private land these "Great Reset" and "Agenda 21" madmen currently own but they are very close in achieving their goals, thats for sure. I fear for my childrens future and as a handicapped veteran I am one of the "useless eaters", they wanna get rid off in the first "depopulation wave". Im not so scared for dying myself but Im dead scared for what will happen to my kids if I cant protect them and put food on the table!
    I hear so many people who believes we have gone through the worst part but as long as these people remain in positions of power nobody is safe.

  6. Eloquently stated Neil. You are right on point! We must not be distracted by the lies being stated by the current powers that be. The land is precious and it is our birth right. We must not relinquish the land and our freedom to choose what we wish to eat to maintain our health and vitality. The problem isn’t the farmers and their animals, it‘s the minority of folks that want all the profit and control and will do anything to get it. Take action now, buy food direct from your local small family farms.

  7. My stomach flipped during the first anouncement of the lockdown here in South Africa. It has been hard being awake for 2.5 years. I wrote "sheep" on my first mask (which I had to wear to buy anything) and no one asked about it or barely took notice

  8. The problem is that the human population was constantly rising, eventually resources would be fought over ending in complete environmental destruction within 150 years.. Those that run this shit show decided on a plan that will proceed until 2030… Buckle in

  9. A cashless society is designed for the elites and pretend governments and WEF .. Having physical cash is personal control and freedom , and these tyrants don't like that, so promote the ease of paying with cards only and get into debt .. it's madness.. And now it's openly being spoken about how WEF want everything and for people to have nothing and be happy .. Luckily , people are waking up since the relentless push to lockdown and destroy peoples lives, so I still have some hope .. Cash is king and should be kept that way

  10. Had MSM not pushed this in collusion with our wef govt..would anyone really have noticed, other than a fairly bad flu THEIR figures now show 😉? Hmmmm

  11. Time for everyone to say no more. I'm bored, genuinely bored of it all. If anyone else is bored of this let me know. I really do think a movement could be build around the simple phrase of "I'm bored" to show our non compliance with their nonsense. #imbored

  12. We dig our own grave. Shop local, eat seasonally, turn your garden into an allotment.
    The only reason the farmer is pushed off their land is because they hardly earn anything because we choose supermarkets. Simple.

  13. All of this has been coming Silently for a very long time. Now, it is out in the open with a rapid succession. This is the beginning of something none of the masses are ready for or prepared for and it will make all in history nothing in comparison to what is coming.

  14. In a stable normal capitalist democracy, surely a simple reduction in output would just result in a price rise….no net effect on the farmers. There is definitely mischief afoot here ! And I do not like where we are headed.

  15. Ironic that we are in such a poor state and have been put through so much misery because of those "in charge" or those with money…we have gone way beyond conspiracy theories – they are no longer bothering to hide their lies and subterfuge – we are expendable resources!

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