The Elites are Looting America

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  1. If the deceptocrats want to spend our money make pelosi spend at least the $10million she made insider trading when they were about to contract with Microsoft and she made that money just from her selling the stock she bought before the contract

  2. That's just the thing, they saw with the $1.9 trillion bill that they could get away with it, and those greedy bastards came back for even more money to line their pockets, and here we are.

  3. I think the Democrats went full fascist to install Biden and will never give up power.
    I now think Russian elections will mean more than US elections.
    And if we ever let Labour back in the UK we will be in same position.

  4. Carl love you man but you are being so disingenuous about the subject. It was the same with bush and Obama and trump. Its a capital cycle that is necessary, and won't change.

  5. A third party needs to get in control of congress and pass a anti-porking (meaning stuff in a bill that has nothing to do with the actual intent of the bill), needs to pass term limits for congress, and pass an average wage bill for congress (house and senate members get paid what the average American gets paid and raises are put to a vote via their constituents, kinda like a rate my performance).

    It will never happen but it would be nice to see.

  6. Many people who do not live in the USA criticize our public mass transit system. They do so from the perspective of their own experience where rail might make sense to due the population density where they live. Mass transit only makes sense in limited areas of the USA. Most parts of the USA do not have the population density for mass transit to make sense.

  7. Yes, Soviet Union worked so well, that is why it exists even today! Oh wait, maybe don't listen to Putin's propaganda?

    And also, if you have somebody who studied Marxist economics (which was a real university subject, by the way), fire him immediately.

  8. It's dumb, Sen. Sinema (d) and Sen Mancin (d) won't vote for it. So it won't pass. What will pass is the 1.5 trillion "Infrastructure" bill. Which is full of corporate handouts. Because Republicans will vote for that.
    Also lowering the taxes on the rich incrementally over the last seventy years hasn't exactly made America a paradise…

  9. step1 legalise cannabis. step2 make it a state run market where all profit goes to the funding pool. step 3 make sure that the only establishments selling the plant are gove owned.
    thats just one way to help gov spending

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