The End of Chelski FC

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  1. Uk government-

    Yes we will be winding putin up enough to help start a war.

    No we wont be doing anything to help once it starts buuuut we will steal property from a football fan instead.

    Dont worry, he's Russian.

  2. Look Abramovich is close friends with Putin as are the other wealthy Russian oligarchs because they put Putin in power and he turned a blind eye to their criminal business deals, The oligarchs made Putin and he made them, Symbiotic friendship and they keep each other in power and wealth . Abramovich has broken laws in our country.

  3. The justification, right or wrong, is that he profits via his interest in steel and mining companies that facilitate Putin's building of weapons. Or something like that.

  4. Yes, intern the Russians, the Japanese in the US deserved that as well! They did, right? Right?

    I mean, guilt by association is so strong that it's even worse then actually doing the thing you're already guilty of.

  5. I haven't watched an Olympics Games after they built the first $1 billion dollar 1-time-use stadium. Now the stadiums are $30 and $50 billion dollars, and still 1-time-use. I won't watch a game performed in a stadium that cost more than $50~100 million to construct.

  6. How many of our politicians said, "Thanks but no thanks" when offered (rather large) donations by oligarch's over the past few decades? How many of our politicians have failed to criticize China (and we can go back to Hurd and Heseltine on that one) and turn a blind eye to the human rights issues being violated because of their business interests there? How many of our politicians have made money from dubious investments and insider trading? The same questions can be posed to other European and US politicians. As for Football, when Britain joined the invasion of Iraq FIFA didn't 'confiscate' the Champions League final nor ban English clubs from playing in Europe. Hypocrisy everywhere, everyone's a virtue signaller these days. "We stand With Ukraine" is just another #whatever trend. Whilst I abhor what's happening here to ordinary people, where has the outcry been over the genocide of Uyghur Muslims in China or the bombing of innocent women and children in Somalia and Yemem just so the US can maintain a strategic influence in the Gulf? Those victims it seems are just not 'fashionable'. Meanwhile governments and the MSM who beat the war drums for weeks on end use this conflict to cover up their covid crimes. They all wanted this.

  7. I think first look at the actual dictionary meaning of "Oligarchy" and if that word could be used for every corporation owner in the west, Mark Zuckerberg? Bill Gates? Richard Branson? To name just three off the top of my head.

  8. Why people care so much about a football club in the first place when we all know this will be solved easily by someone else buying the club seeing as he is not the messiah, is beyond me. Thomas is way too close to this being a huge Chelsea fan in the first place to make a reasonable take on it like all Chelsea fans. The fact of the matter is no doubt Abramovich is paying some money to the Putin regime, most likely unwillingly, and we are 100% right to be putting sanctions on him to hit the regime. Its not "Russophobia", despite the fact that lotus eaters have hated using stupid words such as this in the past when talkin about other subjects, it is obvious he is linked to the Putin regime even though we may not have hard evidence, he is extremely friendly with him. This section is just unneeded bias in my opinion because Thomas is a fan and needed to get it off his chest. Its also kind of sad that people support teams just because theyre winning otherwise known as glory hunters despite probably never ever living in the areas that the teams are located which is supposed to be the point.

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