The End of Evergrande – Destroyed by the Three Red Lines

The Evergrande Crisis is coming to an end as the grace period for Evergrande to pay their recent USD bond payment is only days away. Even as Evergande is managing to make interest payments on yuan bonds, the end seems inevitable.


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  1. My bet is they are being bailed out by the CCP for the purpose of paying the minimum amount of locally held Yuan denominated debt while they intend for Evergrande to default on its internationally held USD denominated debt. Bailing out BlackRock and other NYC financial firms is the responsibility of the US government not the Chinese government.

  2. Nothing to see here, Property doubles every week, students and tourists are coming back, we are now competing with Venezuela for tourists. Oh and interest rates won't go back up it's only transitory inflation

  3. What will the flow-on effects be to Australian property? Will it increase demand OR will it mean people who have lost over there will be forced to sell over here? I live in a heavily Chinese populated area of Melbourne (Balwyn, Mont Albert, Box Hill) and I've noticed more properties come up for sale here just in the last few weeks than in the last 2 years.

  4. It is called "lying flat" which is much worse than "lyding down" as lyding down people wants to get up, where lying flat means Chinese Youth just want to stay lying flat and purposely not wanting to get back up. lol

  5. China and companies like evergrande were in trouble a lot before the 3 red lines . The question is is the idea of the 3 red lines a good idea and necessary. China could not carry on for much longer the way things have been going. By not having the 3 red lines would mean the problem with massive debt and assets prices would keep growing into a bigger bubble to pop later. The CCP long term is doing the right thing. The property market is in bad need of a total reset . The CCP will sit back to these propertys developers crash, house prices will crash as well (the reset) . Then the CCP will fix things later. Many will get hurt including overseas. But a reset is totally necessary

  6. There should be a Referendum regards Immigration !! They Say 2 million it will end up like 10 million in a few years Changing Our Working conditions that were Fought for Here !! Unions should hang their heads in Shame these Days !! Unbelievable Unions Taking back hand payments from GOVERNMENT Entities ! While Not giving a TOSS for the Workers who pay dues Monthly for these MUGS sitting in an Office to Ignore them !! AUSTRALIA is turning into a 3rd World Country !! Run by DICTATORS ! We are the MASTERS !! We Are Not All in This Together !!! As for Farmers Well they need to start Paying Award Wages Here and Stop Crying Poor Mouth When They Are Paying ABN Holders Here that Use Others ABN ( INDIANS) look at Mildura/ Griffiths / Shepparton !! GOVERNMENT should start looking At these places for the Illegals and Abused Workers There !!

  7. What happens to a housing market that was built on speculation and debt when it meets a new generation from negative population growth? First was the One-Child policy, and now being replaced by a Half-Child policy, because of the legislation to jail parents for bad behaviour of their kid…

  8. We'll just assume they'll default, then it all tumbles down. America's 5 biggest banks invested in Evergrande with their customers' money to speculate. Lots of international investors tied into that. By the way, your Australian Patriot Max Igan left Australia for Mexico. He fled because the police were planning to see him and his bank account got messed with.

  9. A shocking FACT ! Brad Banaducci wants to Terminate any staff who refuse the Whack Vacc ! thanks Brad how many lives ,homes ,familys are you going to destroy ? what a Guy CEO of Woolies

  10. I do not know how many people in the western society are aware but CCP has shot itself in the foot a number of times over the last 70 years in regards to its economy. I'll just mention a couple that had created huge losses in life (almost as big as the revolution) and disruption in their society. . . . Number (1) destruction of birds, in particular sparrows which were responsible in controlling pests eg: bugs locusts etc in farm fields. Birds got slaughtered and pests come back in trillions and destroyed up to 30% of crops. End result a huge famine millions died. . . . Number (2) overuse of pesticides. Bees are responsible for pollination and were virtually wiped out. No bees, no crops no food and another famine. China had to get good healthy bees from Au, NZ and USA for several years to recover from that eff up. Most of you know the recent one although it does not effect China's food supply for the moment . . . ban on Au coal. Sorry that was three examples but what the heck eh. This latest CCP madness seems to be developing into another cluster duck of some serious magnitude. Do I feel sorry ? . . . no, they gave us another flying chicken flu.

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