The End Of The Georgia Guidestones…

Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at the loss of one of the most mysterious landmarks in the United States. The Georgia Guidestones were destroyed one early morning marking the end of an era. Thanks for watching!
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  1. You gotta admit, it's pretty ballsy to put up those huge stones to guide a new world, where you try to promote what makes humanity best. Only to immediately start out with eugenics….

  2. Bruh, those commandments sound like a redditor wrote them. Also how is the new world order a conspiracy. We literally have the great rest book by the economic forum leader. We also have the build back better program, heck look in your samsung phone, you should find a global goals app pre-installed in your phone. It's not a conspiracy any more it's just reality now. Since when any conspiracy makes you a far right, I am on left and not even close to center, don't call me far right.

  3. The Georgia guidstones are I think a monument to globalism, and have been paid to build by some rather anonymous person, there is a name out there of they person but I don’t remeber, what’s written on them is the most stupid stuff of it all lol, so basically I think they were built during the Cold War and have like guidelines on them for after surviving the nuclear Holocaust, but clearly who ever wrote the stuff on them never faced any live threatening danger nor did they ever had problems with food and water etc. What I am trying to say is that who ever came up with these lines is just a rich and out of touch person thinking they are smarter then everyone else, classic billionaire stuff. Oh yes and them beeing blown up is most definitely a politically motivated attempt, an attack on the ideology of globalism.

  4. Psy-Op:
    The fact the Holy Bible states 144,000 saints remain on the earth among the wicked by the time Jesus arrives in the clouds:
    Proves that more than 500,000 people remain by the closing of this reality, 144,000 being saved saints among the multitude of wicked.

    Mind you, many were killed and beheaded for their testimony of Jesus Christ and their undying faith in Him for there to only remain 144,000 saints.

    In short, the guide stones are representing a lie that will mislead many in general. The earth remains for humanity to return to it 1000 years after Jesus's second coming in the clouds.
    His reign is forever, therefore global warming and climate change are also hoaxes.

  5. Maybe it's like this: They make it harder to have a house, they make buildings ugly on purpose so they don't feel bad taking from them. harder to have a family, harder to have food, all for the greater good/environment and then nuclear disaster, those underground chosen/giga rich will be the survivors.

  6. 10:06 I hate when Christians, or other religious people, say such stupid things. What a God you worship who cares more about destroying a rock with writing on it rather than healing the sick worldwide, etc. "He can do anything he wants" ya, clearly he doesn't care.

  7. Imo the most probable thing is that who commissioned em was a person or a little group with certain ideas but was never finished, the only esoteric thing i see is the pseudonym that may be related to rosicrucianism

  8. We are NOT overpopulated… Every single person on Earth can fit shoulder to shoulder in the county of Los Angeles.. Or every single person can fit into Texas all with 1 acre of land ..Y'all need to learn perspective

  9. Lmao I can't believe you guys believe this is a guide stone for post nuclear war. It first says keep the world population below 500 million. Does that sound like post nuclear survival? Sounds like nazi eugenicists. It's rumoured Ted Turner made the stones as well

  10. The things said there are really protective and un continued like it was like trap mind is from the high arky god no it is bull shit trust me when I saw it this is such a blindfolded mask do yea protect the nature this is really right

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