The American war industry is looking forward to “multiyear authority” in Ukraine. Does that sound like they want peace or don’t want peace? #war #nuke #ukraine

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. One thing I do understand, it's better to have a bigger weapon and not need to use it, than not have it and desperately need it. Some people are extremists and that could be any extremism, and want you and me dead. They will kill anyone that does not think like them or do what they say. So we build weapons to protect us and to discourage the ones who want to attack us from doing so. I would rather have this than not have it per say. People are people and not everyone will respect one another let alone the evil that is still I the world. One thing that anyone understands is force. Playing nice does not get you anywhere. It gets you walked on.

  2. recently here in Europe i saw a report about a F 35 crashing during the landing procedure the "Expert" praised "the really good and highly advanced ejecing seat" he really sounded like a Used Car sales Man……..unfortunately many European Countries even Switzerland are about to get F 35s Crap……..imagine what they would have said if a Russian Jet crashing while proceeding a standart maneuver

  3. I have been saying this for a number of years the yanks and brits arms industry need to be kept oiled this is pure corruption on a grand scale.yanks are so blinded by patriotism they dont see whats in front of them

  4. Just came out from a 7 year 8 months coma, and I can't process what is happening, nothing makes any sense, nothing at all. I mean WTF happened with sane people?????

  5. Pentagon themselves and their lackeys in the mainstream media touted the B-21 as being three decades in the making. 
    If they were first conceived to counter threats like Putin and Kim Jong Un, where were these two leaders 30 years ago?

  6. 750mil might be close to half the cost they will sell to the gov. There's no way they suddenly made a brand-new tech and made it cheaper simultaneously—what a clown show.

  7. I guess it is worth considering the positions Putin and his cadre have taken on defense stocks during this time. I wondered why now? Why would Putin attack now? Well aside from the realities of funny labs and mayhem going on in Ukraine, after the Afghanistan debacle, Putin may have lost on his portfolio and was looking to beef up his own bottom line. How many US securities does Putin hold? Xi? Z? and it took the Pentagon to actually handle and disperse funds in all these cases. Imagine Radar O'Reilly gone full rogue and just CLEANING up! "War is a racket".

  8. We are being watched sir Russell by those high principalitys for those spiritually open are most dangerous to the system of things lol , much is achieved in that realm where the eye speaks through the mind's eye
    For its connection is to the heart sir.
    Destroyers or creators based on life's experiences and knowledge, ones input is beneficial to creation you are life water lol
    Be like water they need you more !!!
    God's plan and timing is always much greater than us we must just speak the words.

  9. America just can't help themselves when it comes to war, they absolutely love it and they absolutely love poking their nose in other countries affairs, been doing it for like ever. They will never change their attitude on weapons, it's in their DNA and they make too much money from it. They are no different to Russia or China in my opinion. WAR MONGERS!!

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