The erasure of women

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Written by Sydney Watson


  1. On one hand I laugh because women have invaded men-only spaces for decades or even centuries, and now feel a backlash. On the other other hand… yeah I still laugh, lol

  2. I don’t know why were changing the entire world to make it more “comfortable” for such a small group of people. 0.6% of adults in the US are transgender. Just 0.6%!

  3. I got called sexist for calling a female a female ….then the same people turn around and say this. I truly don’t care for this nonsense And that’s putting it kindly

  4. feminism vs trans-genderism – im reminded of that scene in dark knight, where joker is having "tryouts" and he breaks a cue stick in half and lets some guys fight for their life… ima get some popcorn cause this gon be gooood!!

  5. as a radfem, i can 100% say liberal feminism is such a mess and is propping up the gender cult. it needs to end. supporting this is not feminist.

  6. Phobia indicates irrational fear of something I'm not "transphobic" I just dont support or defend the stance they are "women" they are males who have become so uncomfortable in their own skin they change their "gender" which I see as a mental health issue more than ot is a "gender reassignment issue" it's sad that this conversation even needs to exist!

  7. How many female to male athletes are there? How many male to female athletes are there? That tells you all you need to know.

  8. That is why the bible shows a clear cut approach to values vs anti-values.
    It is not the first time in history that evil try to take over. It happens when values are being compromised and people do not take action against that process. Then they are force to, but it is usually too late so unfortunately they pay dearly, with their life.
    But as writen in the books of Moses, if the people come back to God and his laws then they could be saved from the catastrophe. Simple isn't it?! no need for professors here.

  9. Maybe people in the U.S. should be concerned with things that actually matter, like beating the authoritarian Chinese regime. "Woke" people need to get their heads out of their asses and wake the fuck up.

  10. I can't struggle emotionally, physically, psychologically to carry and nurture a child and just be referred to as a birthing person. What the hell is that?

  11. So is it dehumanizing to be called a birthing person or is it crucial that womanhood is defined by the ability to give birth? Is it both? As in a trans woman has all the characteristics of a woman, except the ones I don't want to be defined by, but therefore can't be a woman? I might be misunderstanding this, but I feel like there's a tension between the two arguments: calling women "people with woumbs" is dehumanizing and the only possible definition of woman has to refer to biology. If, when we say that women struggle with birth, we can implicitly understand that we're not talking about all women and there's special cases for trans people etc., couldn't we also say "people who give birth" and understand implicitly that we're mostly talking about cis women, but we're using a different term for the sake of accuracy? I still don't really get how this erases or diminishes women. I also still don't get why we should focus so much on the biology. Is it just because it's a possibly stronger definition and that means that certain struggles can still belong exclusively to the category of women? Why is it so vital that the biology remains a fundamental element of gender? But I might just be a dumb cis man, cis-mansplaining all over the place

  12. GO SYDNEY GO!!! I LOVE YOU (As a guy that's saying this platonically out of a genuine affection for you and what you do and stand for not sexually or as a man to a womxn. Or whatever thing stuff N Junk). AHHHHHHH!!!!!! KILL ME KILL ME. (Or Not depending on your view of violent speak or as it would pertain to as a physical action or act as I would never harm another human being or alien or life form or whatever that might pertain to as a living thing and stuff N Junk). AHHHH STOP IT PEOPLE IT'S JUST A FREAKIN JOKE!!! AHHHH!!!!! Help me.); "This comment is only to be taken as a comedic act and not seriously for reason of liability as it is that said commenter is saying these things out of an artistic free speech platform and not as an actual statement of fact". Signed "The Commenter".

  13. So a birthing person is a gender neutral person with a vagina who has the ability to give birth? Like I feel like they want to increase suicide rates.