The EU is Scared of Memes

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  1. The leftists want to crack down on humour because they realise it is THEM being mock. As Crowder put it they want to shut down free speech because their views "cannot stand up not only to scrutiny but to mockery". The left believes the "far right extremists" are recruiting by mocking THEM (the left) with memes, not by mocking themselves (the "far right"). The leftists know the mockery against their beliefs is highly potent.

  2. Well I expected this the Left are very not funny at all! They go out way to destroy comedy first by banning comedians in Colleges years ago!

    Beside Memes go after the establishment of the Far Left!

  3. "It is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion and approve memes."
    Ursula von der Leyen

    Not really… Goebbels said that.
    Except for the meme bit.

    Joseph may have said it, but Ursula lives it.

  4. You know what? I will always join the side that uses memes and humour as weapons instead of the side that uses threats and cancellation.

  5. Humor is a trademark of the counterculture to attack the orthodoxy. The fact that they can't see this is baffling. They still think they're raging against some machine

  6. Imagine being the type of absolute loser who takes a job making memes for the Fourth Reich… A lot of your paycheck would go directly to Onlyfans.

    Edit: I mean European Union, as opposed to Fourth Reich. It just comes out that way, like a tourette tick, every time I mention the Fourth Reich.

    I mean European Union.

  7. The "far-right" uses Humour and that is bad because it:
    Emotionally: Releases inhibitions enabling an immediate and spontaneous sharing of feelings. That's bad: People are sharing how they feel.
    Cognition: It replaces rigid behavior patterns with flexible ones. People become free-thinkers. That's bad: People want answers and/or find solutions themselves.
    Communication: Humour reduces interpersonal barriers, everyone talks to everyone. That's bad: People open to one another, sharing culture.
    They're making the "Far-right" look like a bunch open-minded multi-cultural progressive groups and themselves as the villains by being against it. It'd be one massive challenge to find a bigger disconnect with reality.

  8. Authoritarians hate being laughed at. They rule by fear and laughter destroys fear. See John Cleese's interview about the scene in Life of Brian where the people are mocking Pilate, "Welease Bwian". All the top dictators killed the comedians.

  9. There evidence the the New Zealand shooter worked with antifa in new Zealand, misandry did a full pod on it, this was taken down because is showed the connection

  10. The far right is by far the most successful political movement in history, judged by the sheer numbers and geographic range of its adherents.

  11. they should quarantine ecolo, a french belgian green party who made a nazi caricature of one of flander's ministers of asylum and migration.

    But those leftist "memes" win press prizes

  12. The article should be banned, cuz its a fucking tasteless joke… and its a direct terrorist threat by its definitions. What a clown world.

  13. "The jester in the king's court is the only person allowed to tell the truth. The king who can no longer tolerate his jester has become a tyrant. "

    – Jordan B. Peterson