The EU just told the truth about Putin, this is scary | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

The EU just announced the true reason for sanctions again Russia.

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Written by Redacted


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  1. I am an American but have been living in Saint Petersburg for over 3 years. Gas is cheap, housing isn't bad, food isn't too bad… Cars are more expensive now

  2. It doesn't help that poultry producers all over the globe are mass culling chickens based on the faulty PCR test. And add the fact that at least 2 US egg production facilities have 'mysteriously' burned to the ground……

  3. We are in the deep end of a pool and some rich disconnected immoral elites have turned on the wave machine while simultaneously denying access to their rafts and declaring it illegal to even talk about the shore we can all see.

  4. Hillarious clueless sheep point fingers at Russia. Biden is a worse tyrant. His ignorence is dangerous. Wake up sheep. Russia is an agenda. Point fingers at Putin while America and candian government make the sheep weaker and position themselves for total control. Russia and Putin is a saint compared to the west. Wake up. Sheep your brainwashed. America is worse and America and Canada just manipulate and.control the sheep diffrently. Clueless to say Putin is so bad Russia has to be stopped. No no it's America. America must be stopped. Wake up.

  5. I live in America and I am so very sick of our Government they lie like pros and are only after their own interests. I'm for Putin on this…
    Our Government is evil..

  6. I live in the EU and it is the worst of governments, it is a technocratic, undemocratic and corrupt system. Sometimes I feel that this is being done on purpose to bring in the WEF's Reset. The EU is built on destroying freedom, civil liberties (covid digital pass, lockdowns), culture, the ownership of property ( farmers) and now they are arming and financing Fascist Ukraine.
    May Russia be blessed with complete victory.

  7. "What then of nations? In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic, of the Bolshevistic; no. But freedom, freedom! that each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world. " -Edgar Cayce.
    I really think this whole thing is happening because Russia is standing up against the NWO. They are the only real sovereign country left.

  8. So the goal was to actually crush Russia financially. They tried the same with China, when they tried to bankrupt China Mobile company Huawei and all the sanctions on China.
    America is the only terrorist on this planet.
    All countries (except America butt kissing Nato), stop using US dollar.
    To an end to America politicians playing dictator.

  9. So the goal was to actually crush Russia financially. They tried the same with China, when they tried to bankrupt China Mobile company Huawei and all the sanctions on China.
    America is the only terrorist on this planet.
    All countries (except America butt kissing Nato), stop using US dollar.
    Put an end to America politicians playing dictator.

  10. Russian stocks will plateau until the dollar economy re engages with the rouble economy ,when that happens the stocks will sky rocket and the dollar economy is going to crater if they don’t do it soon either way this is the great reset of changing to the NWO.

  11. it is very obviious that Borrell and friends are preparing for a full world war. how they will get it started, sofar is unclear, but these kind of folks never had a difficulty to get a war started, that they wanted to happen.

    you do not cause this mass of disruptive effects and disturbances, unless you want a big war against a great power or super power.
    you do not ruin democracy in such manipulative ways, like also around the pandemic, unless you fear that democracy will prevent your war.

  12. I am a dual Russian ans US citizen and my American boyfriend is begging us to move to Russia! Lol Never in my wildest dreams have i ever imagined this would be happening. Ever.

  13. It's immoral to hurt people because you don't like them or their ways. It's a poor democracy that pushes themselves on others. It's a circle of deception. Humans never learn from history!

  14. So what they are saying is thier price increases have not even started yet. Watch. This fall diesel will be 12.00 gal gas 9.00. That is what Biden said he would push for 2 years ago. So Putin is actually helping us out in this respect.

  15. wouldn't this be good for shorting the Russian market? y'all are like "look at the stock market" but remember that isn't so clear cut to benchmark a nation's economy… everyone and there grandma are shorting

  16. To admit the sanctions won't stop the war but the goal is to wreck Russia's economy seems like subtext – or perhaps a Freudian slip – for what is really going on here.

  17. Can you tell us why in your opinion that the US and also the EU are forcing sanctions on Russia and why they never tried to interfere in peace talks between Russia and the ukraine

  18. Why is the US forcing the whole world absorbing increase of prices in food and gas and fuel just to continue supporting ukraine, especially that corrupted president. Ukraine is a rich country and that corrupt of zelensky is doing the harm towards the whole world. I cannot wait for the oil to come to the surface and expose this clown

  19. Not fun to be europian 🙁
    Usa and europe will go down, wery down.
    Cant see happy end unless europe ask help from russia and kick usa away from theyr busines and all.

  20. Biden and Harris are absolutely the most pathetic president and vice-president in the history of this country and the sooner their both out of Washington along with his entire administration the better because that idiot cares NOTHING about the American people

  21. Winter is the weapon of Russia . It helped in Napoleon war in attacking Moskow , winter also came to help Russia fighting Mighty German armies . This time too , winter will aid Russia to ICE out European countries as EU leaders brain storm idea to sunction Russia ….to weaken this mighty country that supplied the vital energy to their benefit . Is this crazy or what ? Do You bite the hand thst feed You ????

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