The European Union is Falling Apart

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  1. As a dumbass living in North America, I didn't get why the Brits wanted out of the EU. Oh how f*cking stupid I was. I've never seen such arrogance, and my PM is a blackface wearing, smug teacher.

  2. Hungary is a free country. People can be gay if they want to. They just don't promote deviant forms of sexuality as being on a par with traditional marriage for the purpose of procreation and family life. This is just normality. Nobody is persecuted for being gay and people are free to hold to whatever values they want including traditional Christian values which are being outlawed in LGBTQ friendly countries. You are not free to sexualise children. Let kids be kids until puberty and then teach them mainstream sexuality as the norm. If they deviate from the norm in time that is their call.

  3. This is why I'm even more embarrassed to say I'm Belgian. And Belgium is absolutely hysterical when it comes to woke virtue signalling. As if they replaced their fanaticism in regards to Catholic Church with being fanatic and autistic about this new, "secular", religion called The Holy Church of Social Justice and Equality. And all the Belgian rightwing can do is bitch about "muh muslims", even though it is the muslism who at least don't tolerate this rainbow activism crap.

  4. The EU is supposed to be a mutual trade agreement, not a sovereign government. A trade organization should only care about human rights insofar as it affects commerce. Any other issues should be punted to a sovereign government, since trade organizations aren't equipped to deal with general political issues.

    When the US started we had the Articles of Confederation. For various reasons that didn't work out and the states decided to form a central federal government. What they did was form and entirely new Constitution that was purpose-built to be a Federal government.

    What these united Europe politicians are doing is taking an organization that wasn't designed to be sovereign and thus doesn't have the checks and balances necessary to be a Federal government, and trying to jury rig it into being a central government.

  5. Representation is indoctrination. A state needs an ideal and ours has chosen the least productive and most damaging ideals to represent. Hungary is doing the correct and sensible thing that is best for the majority of its population now, and in the future. No one is hanging or banning gays, they just aren't indoctrination children anymore.

    Also, Callum "toleration" isn't a word. Tolerance is what you're looking for.

  6. I'm sick of hearing about women, gays, blacks and muslims.

    There was a reason we suppressed all this before.. look at what happens when you let people do whatever they want.

  7. This was always going to happen, unfortunately we in UK have gone from frying pan to fire ?..time to stand AGAIN people of the English speaking ?

  8. The Hungarians and Poles need to differentiate between the civil rights of gay and trans people and ideology. That they have every right to live free and love without harassment.

    But that there's no need for 'Prideology' in schools or academia. If you're gay, fine. The world needs to let you be and let you live. Equally the world owes you no special treatment, recognition or promotion.