The EU’s Chief Brexit Negotiator Admits Britain Was Right

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  1. They all do this before the elections. Last time Macron was complaining about EU rules and immigration and getting tough. Same as what Boris didnbut he didnt expect Leave to win.

  2. Lorry is a bad British word for a truck. I love you guys and what you are doing but for the sake of my sanity stop using little know British words for things that are commonly known by their American name. I had to fix autocorrect to even write lorry which it changed to Larry.

  3. All those issues that Brexit was supposed to fix, were any actually fixed? How's that free speech, immigration, LGBT/racial preaching or fishing industry now that the EU is not forcing things upon you?
    Maybe the real EU was inside you all along.

    The wage raises you're talking about could just as well be attributed to shortage of labor due to Covid. Especially in the gastronomy sector. And it's no wonder European immigrants fled the country with one of the highest Covid death tolls.
    With you being so up your own asses no wonder all that comes out of your mouths is shit. But yeah, sing "Rule Britannia" all day long (and explain your thinking to the bobbies when you do).

  4. I find it pathetic that politician's ethics and morals, can go from one side to another depending on where the paycheck is coming from. Pro eu then Pro France, even most brexiteers are pro Europe and we want our Europe to be strong but not governed by elitism

  5. Even if Le Penn gets in she will either bend to the will of the Global Cabal or perish under tragic and enigmatic circumstances. Anyone who thinks we can vote or elect our way out of this is dreaming. War is the only option.

  6. But fruit farmers and vegetable growers are going bust becuase of not being able to emply pickers. If you exclude foreign low-wage workers you have to simultaneously reduce maintenance benefits to the UK unemployed to induce them to get off their backsides and fill the vacancies

  7. I love how you guys take the time to pronounce, annunciate, and accentuate all of the syllables in the words you are speaking.
    That aspect of this podcast is unique, and cannot be overstated.
    Long live our beautiful, ever-increasingly-intelligent, and morally-driven, peaceful culture.

  8. Perhaps Brexit was a good idea.
    Personally i doubt it….

    But it would do this channel some good to also pay attention to how the UK government has bungled it spectacularly, by not preparing for their own brexit. Not realising that acute labour shortages would ensue, that they have been lying to exactly those groups that supported them (fisheries, farming etc).

    If Brexit in principle is good, why does it have such bad consequences now, what should be done to fix it AND WHY isnt it being done?

  9. The lorry driver issue is a bit more complicate, like non being trained and HGV license tests being susoended because of Covid, wages might be going up but the shortage is a big issue. Incompetance by the gov again!

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