The Everything Bubble Just POPPED. (How To Protect Yourself)

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The Everything Bubble just POPPED!

14 years of cheap money has led to sky-high valuations in equities, real estate, and most asset classes overall.

The total assets of major central banks worldwide have increased by TRILLIONS of dollars since 2007.

We’ve essentially seen 14 years of quantitative easing and easy money, which has led to this mess.

We are now in a period where the fed and other central banks are starting quantitative tightening, which will exacerbate the situation even more in my opinion.

It took 215 years of the total U.S. debt to reach $7 trillion. The U.S. has added $7 trillion MORE since March of 2020.

You do the math.

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰:
0:00 – Intro
0:28 – 14 Years of Easy Money
2:33 – Total Assets of Major Central Banks
4:11 – The Staggering Pace of New Debt
4:40 – How The Bubble Grew
5:47 – When The Music Stops…
7:10 – $9.3 Trillion Vaporized
8:16 – Dash to Cash
9:22 – The Terminal Rate
10:56 – How To Protect Yourself
12:20 – FTX Spot
13:23 – My Thoughts.


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  1. Hey Marko, point 3 of how to protect yourself states not to trade directionally but having had Nick Magiulli on your podcast stating the facts of just keep buying backed up with evidence, doesn’t it make sense to continue with a classic DCA strategy?

  2. So you purposely said "China" that way . . . Are you attempting to mock an individual? And the "doing it live" part, is that similar? I can only hope . . .

  3. When saving to buy a home is it still good to hold it in high yield interest rate if trying to buy in the next 2-5 years?
    I know holding cash is not the move but i know the market is also risky, also with this housing craze looking for homes also seems a bit of reach which is why i continue on saving, but interested to hear others on this topic.

  4. I'm confused about something. I'm new at investing and have been trying to learn more about finances. But you said that all those trillions were vaporised. Are they really vaporised or just redistributed into someone else's pocket? Because money doesn't disappear it just gets transferred right?

  5. I am contemplating between holding PLTR or selling before earnings. I know you are super bullish on PLTR long term, do you still think as a long term investor it would be smart to sell if there is a large run up to earnings?

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