The Extremist 1/6 Prosecutions Proceed with Little Attention – Interview with Journalist Julie Kelly

Original rumble video:

Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. They are creating 1000 Nelson Mandelas to lead in the coming orchestrated right wing backlash against an imaginary left, courtesy of liberal Democrats. Dems are really a subverted theatrical wing of the republican party. Both forward authoritarianism but work different angles at behest of their ultra-wealthy ceo lords. It all ends in religious uni-party oligarchy and the Bill of Rights drowned in a bathtub.

  2. yeah, these poor folks with their weekends in jail while our prisons have huge inventories of victims of the drug war. oh, those poor right wingers. tell me, how many were smashed with billy clubs like they were blm?

  3. But…they never explained how and why the trumpsters got into the capital without going the metal detector. And I was just on jury duty last week, there is no way that you ever get into any govt building without going through metal detector. And that is why the lawyers representing the defendants are not real lawyers on the side of their clients. I mean come on, why would those people be able to climb in through a broken window to the capital building and then 6 fbi masked agents escape out of site and then why, did the capital police open the other entrance that shows in the videos? It was so obvous that peoplewere let in by the cops who violated the Metal detector rule that Congress is forced to use. You had many folks with back packs that were not screened. That makes no sense, never ever ever ever have I ever been to any federal building where i did not have to go through a metal detector. The fact that the lawyers of the defendants are not mentioning that tells you they are not representing the defendants, but that they work for the Biden DOJ.

  4. This has made me lose respect for the USA. It’s a beautiful constitution, but worthless if it’s ignored. Lawmakers and the culture’s favored citizens (and non-citizens) treat it like a doormat and it thus has depreciated in value. I predict an exodus from the USA if this continues.

  5. In the so-called "bastion of justice" they jailed, tortured, and murdered innocent people of the Islamic faith without any consequence. Those human beings were treated worse than vermin. I'm actually glad it's happening to White Americans now. Everything the US does in foreign countries will come back to domestic shores. Malcom X, one of the most brilliant people who ever lived, warned us of this – he called it "chickens coming home to roost".

  6. Julie obviously has no understanding of what white supremacy is and congress's complicity in furthering it globally, however, her assessment about valorizing cops is spot on. ACAB, in fact.

  7. We are living in another Spanish Inquisition. In many ways it’s more of a fitting description than 1933 Europe. Legacy media considers themselves the high priests of heresy trials.

  8. Yeah, let's be greatly concerned about a bunch of low intelligence dudes who were protesting for trumps BIG FAT LIE.
    There are way more important issues to be concerned about.

  9. When you have a journalistic class who for political reasons deliberately turn a blind eye to government corruption and tyranny, your country is on a slippery slope to chaos and societal breakdown. Looking one from England I am so angry with much that I see going on in the US. Great work Glenn.

  10. I understand what this will cost you personally, and I applaud your courage and integrity. I don't like everything you say, for various reasons, but I cannot fault your reasoning or facts.

    That's excellent journalism.

  11. No he’s still on the left. He campaigns for the left workers party in Brazil where he lives with his husband.. He has always been committed to defending the human rights of everybody, regardless of their political affiliations. He is one of those rare journalists with integrity even if it makes him unpopular with his comrades.

  12. If I were Antifa or BLM or any group on the left remember Republicans will be back in power in a few months from now. do we feel good about this change? Be careful what you wish for. You could be next?

  13. Although I have been and remain a fan of Greenwald's work, Julie Kelly comes off as more of a cheerleader than a "journalist" to me. She has some valid points, but let's be honest- she is selling a book and is pushing her agenda. Difficult for me to take anyone seriously who is brazenly waving pom-poms for either R's or D's. They are all corrupt players in a corrupt system and this is all political theater.

  14. Trump and many RNC are in a catch 22 situation if they go full bore on this issue they will be dragged into this! Already they are fighting for survival where the left and establishment are gunning to remove them from future elections!!!! They may succeed, because the timid response of conservatives!
    if you support a defendant that then is found be guilty, any supporter is painted with the same brush!

  15. this goes for all protests.. tne people that actually engage in property destruction and assault, should be held accountable there are already laws for that.. people protesting and not engaging in those activities even if the particular message is something that you disagree with the message.. it should be protected.. or else we will wind up further eroding the 1st amendment, with new precedence and judicial fiat..

  16. Thanks Glenn. Principles are, in truth, only preference until there's a personal limitation on ego, desire, et cetera; ideology [flag, banner, pennant] has become a disguise for the pole, not a limit on the self, and without guys like you [2007 Salon, as a Paulista] we would already have been pulled further into the abyss of dehumanization/human capital for institution. Hold the line, our girl is worth it.

  17. Why do Americans not see that all these prosecutions are just saying that the government is dictates over the people which in a democracy is contrary to the very structure of a democracy and in the case of the US against the constitution? What we are turning into is the USSR or Communist China where the state rules not the people.

  18. The quest for truth never ends. Don't give up your skepticism or your critical thinking skills. You don't need to idolize Glenn and think he's the last word on everything. All the words of praise here are truly cringeworthy. He simply presents another point of view. This reporter belongs to an outfit called "American Greatness." ("Make America Great Again." Notice the similarity?) She'll have you believe Jan. 6 was a peaceful assembly of tourists inside the Capitol and the Capitol Police were the aggressors, and Glenn is eating it up like a dog who has eaten anything in a week. And most importantly, neither he nor the reporter were even there. So be careful, people. I'd say take it with a grain of salt, but you might need a whole block of salt!

  19. Agreed with most of this, Julie trying to argue at 45:30 that rioters couldn't be white supremacists because Pence and most senators are white is pretty silly. It's unclear to me how big a factor racism was for the riot, but saying anyone who wants to murder someone that is white couldn't possibly be white supremacist is clearly ridiculous. It reminds me of the time Ted Cruz tried to argue on the floor of the senate that Jeff Sessions couldn't possible hold any racial bias because he prosecuted a lynching case

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