The Facebook “Whistleblower” Story is a Total Fed Glowie Op

The list of issues over just 24 hours accumulating is massive:


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  1. A fake whistleblower gets to testify before Congress. But real whistleblowers from Project Veritas don't. That speaks volumes about what our government is doing. And what they're doing is in our best interests.

  2. I am subspecious of anyone who willing go up before Congress to testify for or against anything. They have a hideden agenda. everytime or they are plants. Remember the women during the Obama administration who said she just could not get birth control. Well she is 30 something going to Brown University to study law and makes over 50 K a year. and she works for the Democrat Party. Hardly some uneducated financial strap women. Just another Political plant.

  3. Hillary and the Left for 4 years claimed Russia stole the 2000 election and helped Trump win. No one dare question them. But if Trump claimed the Left stole the 2018 election well thats just plain untrue. No one can steal an election , but Russia can somehow.

  4. Politicians need more contributions, just drag a large Corporation up before Congress and threaten more regulations. They did this to Microsoft until Billy Bob Gates started contributing milions to politicans. I dislike Facebook and Microsoft , ( hate them actually) but they dont need to be held up for ransom by Congress for money.

  5. Wow 'Corporate Propaganda Plants' still on the Payroll are now called 'Whistleblowers'. I thought 'Whistleblowing' and copying/stealing proprietary, private company documentation for public exposure was now illegal and bordering on terrorism.

  6. Feddies have legit been panicking as of late. With no more Zeon Remnants to scapegoat or "Donate Gundams" to excuse more funding; they are desperately instigating colonies to rebel in the hope of getting a Neo Zeon 3.0

  7. When I hear a story I know is bullshit and don't want to waste the emotional energy being lied to by the Washington Post, this is a good Chanel to come to when I've been annoyed by the headline enough to want to hear the details of the story without puking. 👍

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