The Fall of Berlin Part 1 of 3 Audiobook FULL by Atony Bevoor

The Fall of Berlin Part 1 of 3 Audiobook FULL by Atony Bevoor

Written by Kassie Pasch


  1. Isn't that just classic Stalin, classic marxism,/!enninism. That Stalin would himself manufacture allegations against someone, in this case a senior army officer, or perhaps someone else implicates him trying to save himself or as a result of saying anything due to NKVD torture (more likely in fact as those tender to be the lucky tiny few who just suffered torture and some imprisonment. The ones Stalin himself would implicate by manufacturing evidence then submitting it from supposedly "Anonymous" sources ended up being murdered) . Then releasing whomever after many hours of terrible torture and solitary cell time to think ensured their terror and submission in The future. But even though Stalin knew full well he was innocent he still makes it known to them that he is closely watching him and always will by having a couple of NKVD Sociopathic murderers shadow his every move evrn, perhaps especially when he is on the front lines of the war.
    Gosh I get it now suddenly!! Now I know what all these people of the millennial generations feel when they're agitating and working for communism or communism favorite lie, socialism. I mean really! Who in their right mind wouldn't want under a system that murders friends family members and associates? Every single night you get to attempt sleeping thinking that any moment the secret police could come knocking and haul you off in the middle of the night. Toure, death, all sorts of fun and excitement might ensue. But even if you miss the murder and torture you still get to live being scared to death!! Plus you always can be assured that no matter what you are never ever trusted and everyone around you, especially those you call friends, is just waiting for that one good opportunity to stab you in the back when you make a mistake.
    What an awesome invention this communism. I never knew when they said everyone was equal.that they meant everyone is equally terrorized and oppressed, it all makes sense now! Hurray for communism and communism lie, socialism and all the complete and total brain dead idiots that want something so insane.

  2. Hello I am 8 years old and we are doing the ww in class.Teacher Miss Muffdiver,Says all wars are a terrible waste of young men’s lives.Hopefully it will never happen again.My mum keeps saying something I don’t understand though.Can someone tell me because I want to get an A plus.What is a dirty filthy murdering bosh bastard.?

  3. I noticed that some comments are very negative. I am not an historian but I did check out Antony Beevor’s credentials which are very highly regarded. If great style comes from great understanding then this book’s author has all the signs of having great understanding. I have read and listened to a total of about 30 books on WW’s I & II and this one is focused & consistent with other authors’ works. Kudos to BEEVOR,

  4. It mentions how even Guderian and other senior Army Officers were subject to having their briefcases searched and had to surrender their firearms before being allowed to see Hitler.
    About this time one of the leading Aces of the Luftwaffe who actually got his kills flying a Stuka was to decide the knights cross with oak leaves swords and diamonds, I believe his was the only one awarded in fact.
    When he came, as ordered, to receive the award from Hitler since it was after the bombing then her too was told to surrender his sidearm. The Pilot became furious at the insult that he could earn his nations highest award through bravery, integrity, and honor yet was being shown that he wasn't to be trusted. Enraged the Pilot told the SS Guards and SS Officer attempting to collect his firearm and pass him through to just tell Hitler that he could shove that medal up his ass then it that is the case because he didn't want it that badly! Needless to say this shocked the SS people but before he could leave he was informed Hitler would allow him to keep his sidearm so he turned around and duely received his award.
    Seems that pilot real!y did have extreme bravery not only when flying but everywhere…

  5. Himmlers infamous order to immediately shoot anyone caught away from where normally supposed to be, like their workplaces, homes, Air Raid Shelters, even pubs or friends residences (if not blown to bits by then of course, lol) or if caught on a train, car , ship truck or walking to a different city (like away from the Russians and towards the American lines). This was a big mistake I think, athough, granted, lessening moral at this point didn't matter much at all. But

  6. Do you know what the Germans did in the USSR? You can look up "Generalplan Ost" to see what we planned for the time after the war. The Red Army had every reason to be pissed off. Actually Germany got off easily, compared to the total destruction and mass murder which we inflicted in Eastern Europe. That was the real "Holocaust", which many historians ignore to this day.

  7. its hard to be critical of this part of history. The Soviets were so cruel but then again… can't blame them. Still I feel pity for the German civilians.. you can direct all your blame on Hitler but that is also a scapegoat. Compared to stalin? the kettle black