The False Reality of Los Angeles

00:00 Welcome to LA
5:27 Part of the Math
22:00 Space: The Final Frontier
35:00 TIME
43:10 True Value
53:30 Outro

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A journey to the city of angels in the heart of chaos, where the truth lies all around you, following stories from the people who have found the light

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Written by Glink


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  1. Support the channel by wearing original merchandise designed by my brother:

    Filming for this docu-series has been a life-changing experience. Im happy to have been able to share the stories I witnessed with you guys. The next leg of my journey is to make a more professional, but still personal film on an interesting topic. In the meanwhile you can expect more content from me soon, check out my other channel (, check out slush ( I will be streaming on this channel within the next week or so to share more details on future plans.

  2. There's not a lot of immense, sprawling flat-lands like what L.A. is built on. The terrain is perfect for a super-metropolis, though I wonder what will happen if humans were to disappear and L.A. is left as it is. There's no way for wildlife to live there.

  3. The answer has always been here. Being too busy making fun and ignoring the past, and having everything crumble around were you aren't looking. We care more about getting personal acceptance than saving our entire nation. Priorities huh. And those hideous 5 by 1 apartments that will rip away in the wind represent modern day in every way, cheap, cloned, and depressing to look into.

  4. Amazing work. Very talented man. IMO a little too wordy. Too much importance given to the text. Not enough story told by the images. It would be a great LA Times article more than a documentary

  5. Went to LA for the first time last November and was absolutely SHOCKED by the stark nakedness of the poverty and suffering. Everywhere, you see misery.

    Many of the locals treat them as if they don’t exist at all, or like something even lower than the dregs of humanity. It’s sickening.

  6. I miss Los Angeles and California. My wife and I went last year in April. It was a eye-opener for the homeless issues. We don't have harldy as many homeless in Lansing, Detroit, or Grand Rapids Michigan. The winter here literally kills them off. Las Vegas has a lot also but nothing compared to LA. Even Hollywood and Beverly Hills had homeless.

  7. I'm glad someone made a video like this. Especially after the Super Bowl. I'm from Miami and there's one thing I've learned about living in places that most people view as "paradises". While it may be true that this place is a paradise, there's a side of it that most people don't see on TV. Most people think of the beautiful beaches, fancy cars and mansions but, the truth is, there's also a lot of poverty. It's almost as if, the more money a community has, the poorer it's people. Despite this, there's beauty everywhere.

  8. Right….of course. All of LA is like this and you summed it up really well. This is not one of those crap right wing media channels….. regurgitating what others have been telling us. That California, LA and San Francisco is dead

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