The “Far Right” Deserve Representation

Since there apparently is something called the “#farright”, they probably deserve to at least be able to give a defence when they are accused of being Nazis. There is a lot of #FakeNews about the recent protests and a lot of virtue signalling going on. It’s quite disgraceful.

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  1. If you are a conservative who single handedly saves the lives of millions of starving people you will be demonised by the left. If you're a pissant middle class white person who spends all of their time physically attacking police and anyone who doesn't have the same opinion as a group you're a member of, you're morally virtuous. It's like a generation that have never been taught anything.

  2. Fascism needs a legitimate voice. And I mean ACTUAL Fascism. Not Hitler, that’s Nazism. Only categorically similar to Fascism. REAL Fascism is Mosley’s Fascism, Primo de Rivera’s Fascism, Mussolini’s Fascism. Real Fascism is a way of life and a philosophy of values and a strong, cultured, racially united society. I used to think I knew what Fascism was, and appalled it. But after reading actual Fascist philosophy and Fascist voices online and reflecting on its actual philosophy, it is not the evil I thought it was. Just watch some of Mosley’s speeches and testimonies. The idea of the fascist boogieman has been injected into the heads of most so easily because of government propaganda and construing of what it actually is. We need real, open voices on true Fascism.

  3. throw mandella in the thames did nothing for this country, and femi fresh what do you think hitler would have done to you blacks sometimes makes you think why we did not surrender and let him get on with it,

  4. Lol a few years ago I proudly considered myself a classical liberal, now I wear the far right title with pride. Multiculturalism is a sham, I’m sick of the blatant double standards of hostile minorities, they’ve proven that not only do we NOT need them, but would be far better off WITHOUT them. They’ve created the very thing they claim to fight against, sowed the wind and now will soon reap the whirlwind if they keep pushing (and with the eternal self proclaimed victim mindset they hold they won’t be able to help themselves in doing so)… It’s sad it has to come to this, but once you accept the harsh truth that this conflict is inevitable you’ll realize that for the sake of continued human progress and advancement our side must win, these people have played stupid games for far too long, and now will soon win the ultimate stupid prize.

  5. The far right has loads of platforms .You tube for example is full of channels like this one but there should be more ' cos they are a riot! Particularly the comments section…" comedy gold".

  6. We need to drop his whole "The past was worse, the future/present is better" bullshit narrative we all keep furthering. There's a lot about the Past History that is far better than how things are now. There's a lot about the Present that is absolutely horrific, and didn't used to happen in the past. I'm not say we got those items backwards, I'm saying the 'Progress' of the progressives in terms of social improvement is a myth. We're still the same humans as people born 1000 years ago were. Each of us is still capable of great evils and great joyful victories that are ppreciated – and each one of us does BOTH throughout their lives.

    The guy complaining about Churchill – if we dug into his history he probably did something extremely evil or racist at one point too. Live the dichotomy and stop demonising Past History as something we have improved from.

  7. Why are you so anti-left? You're one of very few right-wing people who make sensible points. Do you honestly believe that the right-wing is the only place where virtues are found? Because based on your own views alone, absent of direct political interpretations, you seem to be left-leaning, at least in the modern political climate.

  8. The irony is that karl marx is super fuckin racist, like insanely antisemitic, and I've had leftists just say "he was a product of his time, he wasnt racist" of which I could say for anyone ever that is a statue nowadays. Litterally the only defense of the ideology of Marxism isnt used to defend litterally anything else…. the hypocrisy is so dense in the left you couldn't even use a jackhammer to destroy it.