The ‘Far Right’ Occupy Parliament. Session 1. 6pm to 6 am.

This is a ‘highlights’ from 6:00 pm (Monday) to 6:00 am (Tuesday) of a ‘Far Right’ mob who are occupying the steps of Parliament all day, every day. If you think there’s diversity in this video, wait for session 3!!!

If you appreciate these videos (and haven’t been financially smashed by bureaucratic decisions, Federal and State), please consider shouting me a coffee here:


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Written by True Arrow


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  1. What as opposed to the far Left who are running this State? That's just as dangerous as the claimed far Right or is passiveness towards government autonomy in a land of sheeple something we're all suppose to except??

  2. Meanwhile others are saying that its a Far Left mob… they're just people protesting and exercising democratic rights to voice their concerns and oppose the pandemic legislation. The issue has unified those across the political spectrum

  3. Westminster systems of government had demonstrably failed before convicts arrived in Australia.

    Our Westminster clone is decades deep into repeating the same mistakes centuries apart.

    Hang the corporate political donors enacting fascism against the population

  4. Its NOT the "far right" at all thats just YOUR Bullshit narrative. Where is all you condemnation of the far LEFT they are in power in most states and actually conducting operation to remove our freedom's and rights. They are the real extremists

  5. These people make me less empathetic!! All I see is privileged people fighting for freedoms that they already have and a government that actually cares for their survival. Selfish baboons that haven't evolved.

  6. Far Right???? You don't have to be far right to think the Chairman Dictator Wuhan Teflon Dan is trying to do a bad thing….which he is. Only the Left of the Left on steroids so far left that if the Earth was flat they would fall off the left hand side. Bad luck ANTIFA….. your crap doesn't wash. Even 'normal' left can't stand Andrews.

  7. “Far right?” These are the hard working Australians fighting for freedom. Don’t spin off the diversion narrative of the left or you’ll fall into the fake media basket. The far right are the highly fearful and emotional leftist activists! 😂 Nazis for pro health experiments.

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