The Fastest Decline in Homebuilder Sentiment Since the GFC is Bad News for the Big Banks

Homebuilder sentiment is crashing at the fastest rate since the Great Financial Crisis as buyers balk at high home prices and high-interest rates. Builders have started cutting prices which will eventually force sellers to also cut prices. With the economy rapidly slowing, the banks once again look to be at the forefront of another real estate crisis.

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  2. What would be interesting, are the SWISS taking their investments out of international markets ? My thought would be of coarse, as their monetary reserves are INVESTMENTS in foreign PRODUCTIVITY. I certainly think they are SELLING and parking their currency in SWISS BANKS !!

  3. I understand that all your numbers and graphs are lagging indicators but keep this in mind the US economy has been in a recession ever since 2007 it never fully recovered and then after the geopolitical climate and the fact that our leader you know the one in the White House wants to kill oil industry and that hurts energy no economy can Thrive without energy and gas prices are so high it's it's ridiculous it's killing and crushing the middle class so any prediction you're getting now that says we'll probably or most likely is headed towards a recession I will tell you right now after the Christmas numbers you're going to start speaking the word depression

  4. I dont expect rates to go back down. I think we are returning to normal when rates were at an average of 4-5 percent. I expect rates to climb till inflation is gone and then drop to 4..5 percent and stay there as a return to normal.

  5. I know a lot of people that took out home equity loans while the interest-rate was super low but with the rates going up I’m not sure they will be able to keep up the monthly payments. Just like bait on a hook, it could be ticking time bomb.

  6. If I go by Elon musks method to value a house based on cost of input, nothing changed on costs in last 10 years but price of houses went up 2-3 times. Time house price came back to the trend line ie a 50% correction atleast.

  7. Bank of America was just offering sub prime loans with no money down.
    So I disagreed when he says they are only lending to those who could afford to pay it back. No they are not!

  8. Abolish the Private Corporation “The Federal Reserve”! Nobody needs these banker’s in the middle. If we are going to create money for our Nation’s out of thin air we don’t need the Fed to charge us money and profit off us in the process! These are individuals that are not part of our government body. They are banker’s and crooks. The elite’s own the banks. People understand this now!!!

  9. I have two good friends who are realtor's. It hasnt really hit them yet, and sadly they don't see the writing on the wall. Ive tried to warn them but both, like many people, refuse to hear anything scary or negative.

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