The FBI Has RAIDED Giuliani’s Home And Office, Democrats Make SHOCKING Move Against Political Rivals

The FBI Has RAIDED Giuliani’s Home And Office, Democrats Make SHOCKING Move Against Political Rivals. Rudy Giuliani is accused of lobbying on behalf of a foreign organization.

As Democrats came into power they quickly moved to go after the previous administration in unprecedented ways, notably having feds target not just a lawyer but the lawyer of the former president Donald Trump. Merrick garland green lit the operation.

Republicans and Conservatives view this as retaliation and retribution from a Trump deranged political class while the left sees this as justice finally being served.

The case is the reignition of Ukrainegate, Burisma, and the Hunter Biden scandal


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Surprised you didn't mention that under the Obama/Biden admin, Russia invaded Ukraine and they didn't stop them. Now it's the Harris/Biden admin. You think we'll do anything?

  2. ?You're making the mistakes of calling 'conservative' as 'liberal',
    and agreeing with assigning 'woke' to the left/liberals who are far from it. It is the conservatives who are becoming woke to the communist leaning liberal left.
    It's akin to the present errant coloring of the states:
    red is assigned to the conservatives, yet red represents communism, which the liberal left is pushing for.
    And. The word democracy solidly meant communism in the time of Aristotle, and he used it as such.
    Someone is manipulating the language with the agenda of confusing the communication of the world sitrep subject.
    Some are cooperating.

  3. If the FBI can go after the opposing government people why the fuck did they stop them from investigating biden? This shit is so stupid and ass backwards

  4. Sooooo the people who killed Epstien to cover for their buddies are trying to destroy their political rivals. Who could ever have seen this coming?

  5. the home office mi5 mi6 and mi7 was investigating biden over ukraine too, it wasnt a conspiracy, they were told to stop, but they had evidence

  6. For 4 years the FBI sat on there hand and did everything in there power to drag there heels now there masters are back in power time to act like the Gestapo again

  7. In LESS than 100 years the World will experience total devastation through Nuclear War. Only a small percentage of the Planet will survive. Most of the Elites will Live in DUMBS.

  8. Tim, Russia has nukes and EMP capabilities. They also have tsunami apocalypse torpedo. They could send the US into the dark ages before we know it.

  9. Tim is going to get drafted and sent to the front line. The 3rd wave of Americans that are sent would be walking on the rot and bones over the first and second. That smell . American gory.

  10. The democrats are the worst fascists in US history, they are corrupt and pure evil racists as well.
    But, this will show more and more people who they are and what they stand for.
    I hope this wakes people up on the left, who do not want to live in East Germany or the Soviet union, cause that is what America is becoming under the democrat Marxist regime..
    this is the proof, all they have done since they stole the election via fraud is proof…

  11. Dec 8th the Intercept leaked video of Biden he himself literally said he'd be using the agency and AG to go after the 70 million Americans – Its hour long but watch yourself- still on youtube

  12. Does this surprise anyone? Lincoln threw journalists into prison. Woodrow Wilson did too. Under Wilson it was even made illegal to print newspapers in German in the US. FDR threw Japanese-Americans into prison camps. The FBI went after Martin Luther King Jr and tried to blackmail him. The FBI took down Nixon ("Deepthroat" was a top FBI guy, Mark Felt, who felt Nixon didn't promote him so got revenge). Barrack Obama went after journalist James Risen and tried to prosecute more journalists than all other presidents combined, under the 1917 Sedition Act. Of course Biden was his VP. The US state has been doing crap like this for at least 150 years.

  13. The government that declared there was nothing to investigate in the election is consolidating power? No! I am sooooooo shocked! Just like other examples. Who would have seen this coming? Sooooooo shocked!

  14. this all makes perfect sense.

    Trump was opposed to corruption that undermined national security, and didn't care about Russia's policies that didn't impact the U.S.
    Trump was understandably concerned about the threats to U.S. security and economy that China represents, and the corruption that enables it.
    Trump also was more interested in making the U.S. energy independent, keeping natural gas and oil produced in the U.S. in the nation for the nation to use.

    On the other side, corrupt politicians want their money from China, the oil companies, natural gas sales, and from the military industrial complex that is strengthened by strutting about and complaining about "Russia."

  15. @29:30 Yup, America would be toast — world power balance is essentially destroyed when socialist powers subvert the US democracy and its base meaning.

  16. Ukraine was stealing gas pumped through the pipeline, mean while Hunter is on the board of that company. Nothing to see here I guess…

  17. The DNC didn't need to persuade a judge that a crime was committed, they just needed to tell one of the horrible biased and partisan federal judges "sign the warrants!"

    Also, why aren't leftist yelling and screaming to defund the FBI, they are police too! I guess when they are going after people you don't like abuse of power is fine.