The FBI Is Exposing COVID Liars and I am LOVING It. PPP Chronicles #4

I’ve HAD it with these PPP Fraudsters, and thankfully the FBI’s complex financial crimes squad is taking action.

Welcome back to the PPP Chronicles

Written by Coffeezilla


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  1. How do you steal 1 million and the first thought is hit the Gucci store? Bad financial principles or constant affirmation of that lifestyle idk. It sucks to see the priorities people have when there are so many people struggling. Like damn no one thought to go Robin Hood and steal the money for a good cause or something?

  2. Can you please post a 3 or 5 minute loop of the PPP Chronicles intro? Sometimes it gets stuck in my head & the only way to get it out is to play it over & over while singing along.

  3. I almost lost my business because i couldnt get an sba grant because these scammers were taking all the money. Thank god i got it the 2nd round.

  4. How can a player that made 5 million dollars in 6 season, with the Bears and sign 5 million dollar contracts with the Jets, and be broke were did he spent all that money he made playing football.

  5. He didn’t steal from the government, he stole from me and you, the tax payers. The government doesn’t own ANY of thus money. They take it from us unwillingly and squander it all away on scammers because they don’t really care. If it was their money they would care I promise you that. Now at least the are showing they care enough to try to prosecute these ppl, but if they really cared they would have enough oversite to stop it before it starts because the truth is most of these ppl don’t have the means to pay it back and never will. Therefore the only way to really stop thus and save the taxpayers money is to stop it before the money gets stolen.

  6. I've just binged the series on Spencer Cornellia's channel about why athletes go broke, so when I heard the one guy spent money on custom jewellery my mind immediately went "customizing jewellery devalues it".

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