The Fed is About To Reset The Market | Major Changes COMING!

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Jerome Powell is predicting that we will hit 2% CPI data by 2024 and that we can make this happen by increasing the current unemployment rate from 3.6% to 4.1%. This will do the trick the economy needs and this reset will be enough to solve current inflationary issues. The real problem stemming from inflation has many moving variables and not all of them will be solved by simply increasing interest rates.

One large issue is that Americans are deep in debt whether it be auto loan debt, credit card debt, student loan debt and more and most of the debt was placed on hold or on high interest personal loans or credit cards.

When many Americans begin to see that they no longer have a job due to massive unemployment; what will then likely happen is Americans will likely take a job that offers less pay however their current debt commitments will become due and at higher interest rates as the fed continues to fight inflation.

I believe what will come to this economy is a reset that will be far in excess of what most people are anticipating. This will likely see millions of businesses shutter and many companies laying millions and millions of of employees (combined).

This will have catastrophic impacts across the housing market as many home owners will not have access to cheap low interest loans through traditional home refinances. This will cause more and more home owners to either list their properties for lease and find a tenant or sell their properties.

I believe landlords in this environment will act more quickly on securing a tenant who can pay six months rent up front or a year of rent upfront for peace of mind that they will stay and pay rent and will reward them with massive perks on reduced rent and more.

The landlord tenant dynamic will change and with it will come the change between employee and employer.

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  1. The Economy we once knew is gone… 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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  2. I would say the beginning of your video needs correction. Jpowell and Jaime Dimon have the best grasp on what is actually going to happen. Most other banks are wanting everything to happen an opposite way, and are working with davos executives against the people.

  3. The feds failed the American people and economy by leaving interest rates too low for so long by doing this whether purposely or inadvertently they allowed for big Behemoth firms to over any date the housing market buying up hundreds of thousands of homes and letting them put them on the market with a throttled rent for that particular area and because they were so numerous and their acquisition units actually change the market rates themselves in a lot of markets across the country now the answer is to aggressively raise rates to the point where it decimates the economy it's the same people that have already been squeezed to the cost of everything especially housing now will face Bleak opportunities to retain their job or to find another job bottom line is the feds along with the federal government have allowed for two incredibly damaging house price swings in the last 20 years it's a no one's best interest to have such volatile house prices especially when the downside of them still outpaces the majority of people's incomes the quality of life has been lowered for the majority of Americans at the cost of billionaires to become richer they talk about a reset we need to reset on the rich people that are continuously fleecing the economy to profit an incredible amounts while the majority of people who's out or get priced out further

  4. I don't see the point of firing someone and rehiring a new person at a lower salary. The productivity will go down the toilet.
    That's the same as buying a cheap tool made in china after throwing away the quality tool because spare parts were a tad expensive.
    You'll end up rehiring the person you fired at a 50% markup.

  5. At a time when our economy could be blooming with growth especially in manufacturing we instead are faced with a huge Boulder bearing down right in front of us as our backs are flat up against the wall Joe Biden and his whacked out Administration literally spending over 7 trillion dollars that we know of on so many things that are not important are actually barriers to get out of the funk that we're in has limited all options to be able to grow and build out of our economy that will be grinding to a halt because of massive interest rates increases it doesn't look very attractive to bring inflation down to 2% when prices is already too high and a direct result being for massive layoffs and economic constriction. A very large amount of people and businesses are hanging on by a financial thread

  6. How crazy is it that ZERO focus is being put on stimulating the supply side. They only want to crush demand. We could fix this tomorrow with a complete release of our energy sector, but Democrats are hellbent on destroying America, in the name of global equity and a climate scam.

  7. The fed is Keynesian as f. Don't they understand that every time Biden (AND TRUMP! ALL politicians) sign a new multibillion dollar spending bill into existence, that this is what creates inflation? Or what about fractional reserve lending at private banking institutions, creating new money into existence? Or most important, all the Federal Reserve money printing. Inflation isnt a rise in prices (that is a result of inflation, thereof) but that inflation is an INCREASE in the money supply.!!

  8. Check this out guys: last week $8.1 billion in puts were placed. Then Goldman Sachs another $20.7 billion in puts. Last two days, Nasdaq futures (NQ=F) on the 1Hr timeframe, RSI showed negative divergence. The market makers already positioned futures to baseball-bat-to-the-head retail FOMO investors. The billionaires already positioned themselves since last week for today's plunge. You think they didnt know CPI would DOUBLE last month's? Of course they knew lol….

  9. Stocks are falling and bond yields are rising, but markets still don’t seem convinced the Federal Reserve will pursue plans to keep increasing interest rates until inflation is under control. I'm still at a crossroads deciding if to liquidate my $117k stocck portfolio, what’s the best way to take advantage of this bear market?

  10. Grug wonder if high unemployment mean low inflation, why them not just start count kids and elders? Why not count stray dog? Him not do anything.
    Grug think economist just be stupid.

  11. Prices can't come down until we go back to producing our own fuel. That is what caused alot of the inflation we have now. The writing was on the wall the moment that executive order to shut down the pipeline was done. Raising the interest rates has only made things worse.

  12. This is true…they are letting me go at the end of month…my salary is 141,000 they are reposting the role at around 90k, also my role was remote now they are requiring that person to go into the office.

  13. I can’t imagine the market dictating my employment. Arguably, public sector union jobs are super expensive for taxpayers, but they’re stable . Stability makes all the difference to me. At the risk of talking out of both sides of my mouth, I am all for privatizing most public services. It would hurt me at first, but I think everyone would be better off.

  14. The economy worldwide will burn. It will be worse than the Great Depression of 1929-1932. Many people will be unemployed and homeless. Hard times are coming…prepare!

  15. It is sad that the central planners are planning for the destruction of others in order "make things better". This destruction, the current and pending wars are a direct result of the green revolution and a revert from energy independence that started Jan 21, 2021. Those seeking the revolution bear no cost and are thus oblivious or careless to the destruction…

  16. Many of your videos seem to targeted to the wealthy/investor class. Thank you very much, sir for a fantastic video full of information relevant to all of us. A lot of useful analysis here, one of your recent best!

  17. Well duh! Interest rates were so low for so long they were handing out loans to anyone. A lot of loan officers and assistants were needed to do this. Now, unless desperate, a home isnt the best idea right now so all these people sit around doing nothing. They could train to be tellers but since that is beneath those loan types they need to go. One day ya'll will figure out how to do a loan especially a mortgage that doesnt kill an entire forest. By know the process should be all on digits but one has to print hundreds of pages about an inch thick to do these loans. This business plan requires people. One day the process will be simplified.

  18. I would guess people will defer purchases of nice to have items just to put food on the table and pay the rent. This would then create less demand thus causing more un-employment and create a downward spiral. Tough times ahead for people along with uncertainty in the markets.

  19. I didn't trust this talk of a Great Resignation (and people getting these amazing new jobs) at all. What were these inflated salaries based on? Hot air. America's economic productivity has been walloped. This economy is severely screwed up. People don't want to see it.

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