The Fed Is Pushing The Economy Into A Recession – Steve Forbes | What’s Ahead | Forbes

The Federal Reserve believes that you attack inflation by deliberately reducing economic activity and, thus, is pushing the economy toward a recession or, at least, an unwelcome slowdown. Steve Forbes on the Fed’s recession that’s looming over our economy, on rising interest rates and on how the road ahead doesn’t look good for a vibrant stock market.

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  1. The fed will not raise interest rates. They would only do this if the current inflation was long term, but it is temporary due to COVID supply chain issues.

  2. In the 70's the Fed used double digit interest rates to curb inflation. In 1990 making $5 an hour, 200 hours of labor bought you 1 acre of America to own a piece of the pie. It's 2,000 hours of labor today at $20 an hour to buy an acre of land today. 😂 Went from 1 month of work to get an acre of land to a YEAR!!!🤣

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