The Fed is terrified: Kevin Hassett

Former Council of Economics Advisers Chairman Kevin Hassett argues it’s a ‘very treacherous time’ for U.S. economic policies as the Biden administration and Fed grapple with record-high inflation.

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  1. Oil is missing because Biden’s sending it to CHINA 🇨🇳💩
    Where are our Representatives who CARE about Americans 🥲🥲🥲. STOP Biden USE AMERICAN Oil for AMERICANS !! American Farmers Grown Food for AMERICANS !!! STOP Importing Crap and Exporting our AMERICANS fuel and Food 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. President Biden doesn't miss the point about drilling for oil. The "firm" is manipulating the public so very well. Eliminating fossil fuels, then blaming the oil companies for not drilling is a great strategy for planting seeds of blame.

  3. Thank you, Kevin Hassett!!!
    So…the shortage of ONE MILLION. BARRELS OF OIL PER DAY is what has thrown us into earnest inflation.
    Isn't it interesting that a number of knowledgeable people have basically said that very thing….. minus the one million amount.
    I guess we need bumper stickers, t-shirts, baseball caps, and signs to, if nothing else, let them know that we know…they it started with the KEYSTONE PIPELINE!!!

  4. Lol, everyone knows this situation is because of the last few years of issues, pandemic, money printing, years of low rates, etc. To blame Biden 100% for current situation is ridiculous. Those who understand the cycles of the economy and printing of free money understand what is going on.

    E&P companies have all the leases they need. As a matter of fact, they hold leases which they are not using. Refining is the issue. Analogy, you want to make pasta but you only have one pasta machine. You can increase the amount of dough you have but that won't allow you to make more pasta faster. The only way to increase the rate of pasta production would be to buy another pasta machine. Well, guess what no company will build another very expensive refinery considering we are in an energy transition. Biden can't make a company build a refinery. End of story.

  5. Transitory, remember? And we have at the helm the regime responsible for the installation of the most popularly elected president ever. We can have such confidence in our leaders; our media, political, and industry leaders are so confidence inspiring these days. Thank goodness.

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