The Federal Reserve and Debt

Ralph does a deep dive into the real purpose of the Federal Reserve and other aspects of the American economy with progressive economist, Michael Hudson. Plus, our resident constitutional scholar, Bruce Fein, joins us to talk about the elected official from New Mexico, who got removed from office because of his role in the Jan. 6th insurrection and what that possibly could mean for Donald’s Trump eligibility for office. And he also discusses a letter from retired Secretaries of Defense and Joint Chiefs about military leaders rejecting illegal presidential orders.


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  1. Why try hammer Bitcoin about drug dealers.. how much has the banks done for banks.. how many of them paid fines for moving drug dealers funds around the world.
    Bitcoin in a complete amateur compared to banks

  2. First they created a central bank called, "The First Bank of the United States". It made such a big mess of everything that they were forced to get rid of it. Next they tried creating a second central bank called, "The Second Bank of the United States". It also made such a big mess of everything that they were forced to get rid of it. When they wanted to try it a third time people objected so they changed the name to, "The Federal Reserve". People didn't understand what that meant. And here we are.

  3. Brilliant interview. I really appreciate Nader's plain speaking and his willingness to challenge his interviewees when they begin to ramble and lose listeners with dry jargon-heavy language. Hudson is also always worth listening to.

  4. .One question I have is this: How can January 6th be an insurrection when the police gave access to the citizens to come into a public building owned by the citizens of the US? I am not a Trump supporter but this prosecutions seems to me to undermine the freedoms the Constitution gives us more than the Trump presidency did.

  5. Ralph Nader and his group might devote a segment to discussing Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum's crimes against humanity drive to establish a Fascist eugenicist global totalitarian dictatorship, – effectively the resurrection of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich..

  6. Bernie was the one who raised the issue of a tax on derivatives.It would have generated enough to pay all student public university
    loans and still have left over to pay for other social programs!But of course, the greed of capitalist and corporate America wouldn't allow it.

  7. Yes credit cards can be a rip-off if you don't have good self discipline. But the real thing that has destroyed the American standard of living over the past 40 years is inflation and particularly housing price inflation.

  8. In the military they say "SHIT ROLLS DOWN HILL". What they don't tell you is the HILL IS MONEY. SOMEONE OWN IT, and us via our servitude to it, rather than each other. How about GIVE IT BACK TO THEM. It's not the first time you've heard this. " Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's. The apparatus of his power and controls, the money. Squirrels don't pay rent and the experts are baffled. Time banks of ourselves USURPED. and to be free, we need them back. Money gives them the right to " treat you, they're the boss, but they don't know money is the boss of them, someone else owns them with also.. See how all this works ?
    1+ 999,999,999 = 1,000,000,000.
    1 with their own legal tender of 999,999,999 = 999,999,999 in servitude to the 1 with the law says you work for me. Show me where freedom can be found anywhere in that math ? We're done, because we said so, choice made, you're picking roll to someone else's DIE.

  9. The more I know the worse I feel. You didn't mention the corporate mafia's subtle brain washing: positive thinking and self blame under the umbrella of individual responsibility. Very powerful messages contributing to mental health.

  10. Excellent again. You are top on selecting guests and on the art of taking knowledge out of them. I stopped to waste time quite much time ago with discussions. One way to avoid time wasters is by asking "Did you read a book on finance/economics authored by X, Y,… for example" X could be Professor Michael Hudson that I had been recommending. If they did not I encourage the person to read and we will a conversation later if needed because they explain it much better than myself. I save of lot of time. For those that I feel they are sincere I ask them as well which books they read to reach such conclusions. And here I save time again. With this time saving I free myself for better time allocation such as to listen at least twice your week programs. Finland has got authors that you might find useful to interview. Keep on excelling. 🌹

  11. I have been wondering for some time how the stock market has been artificially kept up and this post helped me understand a little more. I worry about my retirement investments that would ruin my life if it went under despite how safe I hope my money is. The retirement income I planned for in 1995 has lost nearly half its value as our economy is as chaotic as our politics. Thanks for bringing up neoliberalism as an example of Orwellian double speak.

  12. Around the 38 minute mark, on subject of wall street being taxed, I've done the math on a similar minimal tax on wall street trade alone, and leave be the sectors mentioned to be proposed and not involving stock trade which I believe could be taxed alone by itself. I expanded on this in The Next System essay project years back.

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