The Fight For Your Mind: Information Battlefield Tactics of the Nudge Units Exposed

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  1. The Mind Has No Firewall
    By Timothy L. Thomas.

    Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

    Recommended Citation
    Timothy L. Thomas, "The Mind Has No Firewall," Parameters 28, no. 1 (1998), doi:10.55540/0031-1723.1871

    From the Army War College in 1998.

  2. I was so aware of all of this mind bending crap it was like the final scene in the Matrix
    where I hold up my hand 🤚 to stop the bullshit bullets. 🙄

  3. I was looking forward to a vaccine coming out but when one was released so quickly and with a 'new technology ' behind it, I read the background info and realized it wasn't an actual vaccine but, at best, a barely harmless placebo with the effects of a vitamin shot, or at worst, something no one should try until it was proven to work as it could be dangerous.
    In the end, it didn't work.
    Still waiting on the end result.

    But the pressure had the opposite effect on me.

    Had COVID affected younger people and was more lethal, sure. I'd have taken the jab.
    But for very old and unhealthy?
    Sorry granny, we all die when we hit your age and poor health conditions.

  4. I heard much of this language at my job. A decent amount of people took the jab and some used the methods you described, fear, guilt, and humiliation. Being a lifelong loner being ostracized didnt bother me so I never gave in. It really saddens me that the powers that be were developing this so early.

  5. Dr. Martinson, we have all been lab rats to our governments for decades. So is our environment. Geoengineering has taken over our planet's climate and it is not part of main stream conversation, but climate change is thrust down our throats every day

  6. I simply wanted 5 years to see how the mRNA vaccine went and 2 years for normal vaccines

    It only took a few months after the initial media reports for me to think, hang on, it's all one way information and any questioning isn't allowed

    By the 6 month interval, data started flowing to say maybe there's a bigger picture going on but then the resistance and doubling down against the narrative really started to pick up

    I moved from let's see, to being doubtful, to hang on there's something not right, to this isn't following the science very quickly

  7. ''Everybody knows that vaccines work as advertised'' is a false statement.
    A study comparing the health outcomes of people who have had any vaccines as compared to those who have had No vaccines shows a clear signal that all vaccines harm.
    (Link Lost)
    Science is not a democracy.

  8. Science LITERALLY ask to be challenged and questioned. That's part of the scientific process.

    Saying you can't question it's results leads to faulty conclusions.

  9. The "popular group" has got to try being a little less fickle and narcissistic, more reciprocating and loyal if they actually want to be a carrot instead of a stick themselves.

  10. Please try to dig into why some of us were not nudged/taken in. For me, my son had a negative and lasting reaction to a v more than a decade ago. Prior, I always had this going against the grain part of me and for a few years before and after I had my son I was much more "normal". Now, some family thinks I've gone off the rails with canning and prepping, until there's no toilet paper in the bathroom and I come with a full pack 🤔

  11. Here is the antidote to that: listen and sing along with Bin Jovi, IT'S MY LIFE ;-). They can go F themselves. Personally, the main reason, I REFUSED and still refuse that crap is the bullying, gaslighting and deceptive manipulation tactics they use. If that CRAP is really good, you don't need to lie and deceive to "sell" it. That's my logic and how I RESIST and SURVIVE. I'm like George Carlin when it comes to "attitude"! I don't give a "SHIRT" about guilt or blame, especially when the source is from the outside and I don't give a damn about their labelling.

  12. So suppose we use the same techniques to fight back? Attack confidence in legacy media, corrupt political groups, the WEF, ect. Suppose we get funding to do the same kind of research to nudge people into taking the Red Pill?

  13. I noticed a lot of "appeal to authority" type messaging when they were pushing the vaccines. Using "experts" opinions as evidence despite the experts not having any evidence themselves.

  14. The more attempts at shaming I heard, the more resistant to being injected I became, so I guess I’m an oddball in comparison to the research data. What’ll be really interesting is, what will be the reaction of the public to the coercion when the next “pandemic” occurs. Especially after all of the dishonest shenanigans of pharma, mainstream media, the WHO, CDC, FDA, Fauci, etc, over the past two years.

  15. While there was no "unfriending" , my parents and their friends who happen to be doctors and nurses were all trying to convince me to get jabbed. Even my former family doctor developed a heart condition after getting vaccinated and refused to blame the vaccine for it.

  16. I'd be very curious to learn the specifics of how and why people avoided the signalling as well. Some will always just go against the flow, some saw through it immediately, some took a wait and see method, and……? I really think for the most part, I've seen it more likely that those who play long games were more likely to be able to take a step back. The more quick players and impulse sorts bought in. I could be wrong.

  17. I live in 🇨🇦 and i feel completely hopeless. The population is completely brain dead and i am trapped in this prison. If somebody out there sees this please save my family!!! I will stay behind if it means i can get them OUT

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