The Fight isn’t Over, but Prepare NOW for Beijing Bidens Asterisk Presidency Anyways


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  1. I think a lot of people voted Biden out of fear assuming Trump would win. They just wanted it on record they didn't vote for "Hitler." So many are already regretting it.

  2. I live in an apartment and I do not get sufficient sunlight nor do I have space to dedicate a small farm. Also it takes time to grow sufficient amount food for daily consumption. How much space do I need for my 3 or even 2 squares a day?

  3. how hard is it to imagine gun control being implemented by a created ammo stortage , this is how they will control gunns is by controlling the ammo supply …. just a possibility , Eh ???

  4. It was definitely a Trump vs Anti-Trump election. Democrats could’ve pushed anyone (that isn’t a socialist) and people would still vote for that candidate. The US missed out by replacing someone who was making progress in the Middle East with another neocon Warhawk. The people who voted for Biden are responsible for his future carpet bombings and drone strikes. It’s sad people only do surface level research and pick candidates based on personality and mannerisms because now the civilian death toll in countries such as Pakistan, Yemen, and Syria are going to skyrocket.

  5. Never hunted before but I'm going to this winter. Not only because rabbit and squirrel is good but because we want to make sure they don't eat the garden next year.

  6. Marauding will be a very valuable set of skills in the coming years and decades if the left wins and gains uncontrollable power that government already has.

  7. biden can national lock down all day long but my governor has already said…our state will not lock down again no matter who is president!
    I am thankful everyday…that I don't live in a commie marxist liberal democrat hellhole state!

  8. I think either way, if Biden is rigged in or Trump is able to overcome the swamp we need to prepare. The insane lefties will continue to burn the country down either way but probably more so if Trump retains his victory.

  9. Yep, holding off from making big purchases at the moment. Everything is in limbo, first because of the pandemic panic made getting things more difficult, and second future uncertainty of a Biden (along with the multinational “Reset” agenda) induced economic downturn.