The final nail in the coffin! James Bond brings down the movie theater industry!?

The movie theater industry is in serious trouble. With James Bond No Time to Die getting delayed again, the bigger theater chains are shutting down! This is right after they asked for government money.

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Written by YellowFlash 2


  1. Now that Communist Chinese have taken over the industry expect more bad movies with leftest woke messages until it's demise along with the CCP by 2021 or 2022.
    To bad!

    Culture changes. It's usually forces trying to suppress others that creates a new culture because people under supression always find a way.

    When Iceland people where band from singing they sung through their poetry. When the Irish where told they were forbidden to dance.
    Yet has they stood by their windows with their arms at there sides, their little feet were going like the clappers.

    Take away Hollywood and descent movies people adapt. They create something themselves.
    It's always they way.

  2. I guess people are too stupid to notice there is no vaccine yet ? Nothing really replaces going to the movies for me, but most movies have sucked for years now, I only went to see Marvel, DC films or Animations the rest you can melt with Acid. I bought myself a new TV and Sound System….I'm done.

  3. Let's face it from all we've heard and seen they've already demasculated James bond and he can't even say bond girl even though it was a tradition before and no one got offended in the past

  4. I stoped going years ago iv only seen 2 movies in the last 10 years are the force awakens and the dragon ball brolly movie wich that one cost me nearly $50 for 3 tickets. Thats why i stoped going even when there was a movie i relly wanted to see. I didnt feel like spending 15 for a ticket and another 20 to 30 for drinks and snaks. Going to the moives is for the rich

  5. All things considered, I'd still rather see movies that I'm really looking forward to at the theatre whenever possible, and not just major Hollywood studio tentpoles with productions budgets in the hundreds of millions either. I saw several Japanese anime films at the closest multiplex to me (a Cineplex in suburban Ottawa) last year. (Subtitled even!) I don't really have the space for a big screen television at home anyway.