The financial superbubble that could kill America (is happening NOW)


We’re in an economic superbubble, and it could end the financial stability of the West. Or at least that’s what world-famous crash predictors Jeremy Grantham and Michael Burry believe in any case.

A superbubble has only happened three times in the last century, and it meant catastrophe for world markets on each occasion. The worst of all was the stock market crash of 1929, an event that led to The Great Depression; the worst economic slowdown in the history of the industrialised world. Unfortunately, the one we’re in right now could be worse.

Grantham says our superbubble could be devastating because it involves more asset classes than ever before. And Michael Burry (of The Big Short fame) has been saying for over a year that we’re now on the verge of an econoic collapse, one he believes will hit us this year.

Please let me know your thoughts below.

0:00 – We’re in a superbubble
0:47 – Predicting a financial collapse
2:26 – Why do they believe a crash is coming?
4:30 – What this crash could look like
6:47 – Steps to prepare for a crash
7:59 – Some final thoughts

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  1. Economic is human behavior.
    Economic collapse only matter for rich people not for the poor.

    The rich will be deprived from the foods they normally eat.
    The poor will still eat shit food and sometimes no food at all.

  2. It's coming. The FED is weak in their rate hikes in an attempt to stave it off and will only make it worse when it does hit. Sad thing is most people are oblivious to it all together.

  3. what we know, that every Crisis like that ahead of us will lead to Personal Desaster with rise in suicide Ratio and despair, homicide!!

    For Investors This is a Great Opportunity !!!! I‘m pretty much optimistic and now waiting for the (all time) lows dips to Invest.

  4. I would loove if you could do maaybe even some kind of anonymus acc of all of your opinions that you know wouldnt be accepted by majority, that is, if you have those, but Im sure you do. Btw you are awesome 🥰🥰

  5. i must be missing key information because while i'm at the bottom of the food chain with no savings or accumulated wealth, I dont understand how buying gold helps, you cant eat it

  6. Yes your right about getting prepared that sounds great.. but if you're one of the 52% of Americans that are living pay check to pay check if the shit hits the fan and a man that can't feed his family it…🥴it will be this time civil unrest-war

  7. This is rookie brightness! You gotta pump this brightness up! Jokes aside, I am not really into more finesse financial stuff but heavily invest my own time and money into 3d printing. Figured locally procured specifically designed plastic parts may be on demand quite soon. Can't count on China to forever supply the rest of the world since they will be facing some form of collapse themselves. Was also wondering about going to Iceland and starting such a business there. Any Thoughts?

  8. not every asset class is overvalued… bitcoin in relative to it's 4 year cycles is already prett much close to it's bottom .. it may ahortly move even a bit kower but i belive if everyrhing crashes Bitcoin will be winner.

  9. Nevermind a superbubble. You guys need super-commonsense! How can an asset X be overvalued when so much liquidity has been created and inflation sets in? Prices of assets rise as the value of money depreciates.

  10. Since uncle Biden is going to hire 87K more IRS agents in the U.S. it's a huge mistake to start your own business. Whom do you think they are coming after? the answer…anyone who does a 1099 tax return. Having you own business has always been the way to go, but the U.S. has become anti-business over the years with unrealistic laws and asinine regulations, and uncle Biden sealed the deal. Far be it from me to persuade you otherwise to talk you out of starting your own business, but just a heads up for you to be prepared if uncle Biden knocks at your door for an audit. Back in 2017-ish my wife and I were audited because I changed careers from W2 to 1099. I was audited, and despite of having all of my receipts the IRS agent said…"it's all a matter of interpretation!" And so, the IRS has the final word. These immoral lunatics will twist, lie, cheat,…etc just about do whatever they have to to steal your money. So, at the end I had to pay $4K back to the IRS. Remember…it's all a matter of interpretation. Therefor, don't steal your own hard earned money, because the IRS doesn't like competition.

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