The FIRST Omicron DEATH!

The FIRST Omicron DEATH in the US!

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Written by Matt Orfalea


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  1. Thank you!!!!! And this is how propaganda is spread folks!
    It’s like saying someone in the hospital died and they tested positive for herpes, and then saying they died from herpes, when half of the population has herpes! Could be true but definitely not a given!

  2. Imprison, beat to a pulp, or kill maskerbaters, vaxxers, and any plandemics behaving slavish or tyrannical. A side note is that the reversing of vaccine injury in individuals is not difficult with the correct guidance. Beautiful times to enjoy regardless of the storms of tyrants and mass murderers(plandemics).

  3. There have been 824K COVID deaths in the U.S., and Americans are still dying from the Alpha and especial Delta variants. What I'm hearing from this intro is that the TX man's death can't conclusively be linked to Omicron alone, but that it can't be excluded, either. The mainstream media has openly acknowledged that the Omicron variant isn't as deadly, just more contagious. This isn't some new revelation by the Jimmy Dore tribe.

  4. This story broke on Dec. 21 as far as I can tell. One day later, UK reported 14 deaths to omicron. The first case reported in US was Nov. 22. So given the improvements in treatment, the first cases of omicron begin to die about a month after arrival. We are currently at 1,100 Covid deaths per day. Cases are at a record high. But yeah. Haha, own the libs.

  5. MSM: trust the science.
    Me, a scientist: correlation does not mean causation. In medical terms, because someone had omicron when he died, it does not imply he died FROM the variant itself.
    MSM: stop spreading misinformation!!!

  6. very deeply sad attitude to have over the health of Americans…the expectation and desire for ppl to die. any libs around btw? i feel like i'm the one here that agrees :/

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