The First Province of the World Economic Forum

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  1. It's just so funny how Americas media and politicians keep going on about Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile "the land of the free" 's closest relative /attached neighbour is having there rights took away and are on the brink of a revolution

  2. Need i start pointing fingers south again? You all know who the instigator is , who made it possible for Swab and his nazi cabal to exist. You couldn't wait to rebuilt Germany from the ground up, spending billions, while their own people starved.
    Germany made it, but it was the US who funded it. Just like they funded a biological weapon that is currently killing people.

    Ouchy fauchi trial for crimes against humanity and funding biological weapons, WHEN? BTW who was supposed to be riding herd on their asses t ob sure they did not break the law? I expect to se them sitting right next to fauchi and his team.

  3. “Illegally making us poorer” as opposed to governments shutting down local businesses till they close permanently, and thieving from people’s pay under the guise of taxes, now seizing people’s property and bank accounts. And that’s apparently all legal because it’s government. Getting serious dirty sidious vibes here.

  4. The left coming out so openly against labour is ahead of schedule.
    All masks are being dropped.

    "Luxury Communism" I think they call it, they see themselves as a special class that should have the riff raff serve their needs but a lot of the random twitter/redditors seem to think they're the Klaus Shwabbs in this equation and not the next ones going to the work camps.

  5. Canada is no longer a democracy it is a fascist police state. Trudeau is now Chancellor. All conservatives will be purged from the government. If you do not comply you'll be either thrown in prison or executed. All media will a arm of the government. Internet will be heavily censored. All firearms will be confiscated. The banks will become a branch of the government and all money will be digitized. Food will only be given to the loyal.

  6. First? Didn't Ardern sic the police on her citizenship first?
    Carl skipped the best part of that response from Nunchuk I O, or whatever the name was, at the end the author of the letter goes on to say, "We will be here to serve you when the Canadian dollar collapses."
    Chilliwack is one of many places in Canada that has a name taken from the language of the Indigenous people. Nunavut, and Whycocomagh, are two others. Incidentally, Chilliwack is also the name of a pretty good Eighties era band. You can check them out here on YouTube. Their best song that I can remember is "Whatcha Gonna Do When I'm Gone".

  7. I can't believe no politicians are condemning him.
    All they are going on about is Putin. And what Putin might do.
    But won't condemn Trudeau for what he did and is doing.
    It's frustrating that there is no way of rising up without breaking the law. Not even allowing dialogue.

  8. Crazy that when people ask about WEF interference when they're all obviously in on it, it's simply "nah mate, not good enough. Let's ignore that one"….. Wtf? How far gone is the West to this German lunatic's wet dream?

  9. It’s not just corporate takeover by the globalists, they are the secret unknowns above Schwab who now have more wealth and power to create this new reality. The politicians are puppets feathering their nests. We need our own great reset.

  10. We are a member of the Commonwealth. 🇨🇦 🇬🇧 The mechanism is in place that our Governor General can contact HRH and report the PM has gone rogue. Britain is to step in to have the PM removed and assist in our security again. Why is this not being done?

  11. First they come for the most docile and easy going populations. Trusting people who just want to stay out of the fray. I am Canadian people here trust the government and just want peace and quiet. We are hobbits who just love our lovely home. Being nice is our weakness.

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