The Fools at the Clown House Can’t Seem to Get on the Same Page

Psaki contradicts Biden in regards of the food shortages soon to plague the nation.

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  1. Bottom line, BIDEN'S policies caused the inflation and played a HUGE part in causing a food shortage!! But don't worry he and the rest of his left wing Socialist Democrats will still be eating their caviar and pâté without missing a single meal. Oh, and that includes appetizers too!! Remember their slogan" Rules for thee, but not for me!!!

  2. And then Fraudci announces that the Plandemic is over! Just for Jen nutsaki to come back about 3 hours later and say that covid is not over and the Plandemic isn't over!!

  3. So basically we “ sanctioned “ ourselves, and how’s that going to hurt the evil Putin? And I also love how Russia according to the left or democrats caused trump to be president, made Biden’s son look like a crack addicted trick that leaves his dirty laundry on a laptop with a repair shop and also is causing insane inflation and high gas prices???
    They honestly make Putin look like a hero for his own country, and Biden looks like a scared 90 year old little girl that can’t do anything besides gaff

  4. "Clown House!" Yes!! That's the term we've all been looking for! You should do a video on all the food processing plants being blown up by the US government.

  5. They better hope there won't be a food shortage. Food comes from rural areas. That's right, RED STATES.
    Any guess who won't have food shortages? Farmers and rural communities.
    Any guess who doesn't produce food? Yep, BLUE STATES. Will have shortages? Cities. Democratic Party run cities.

  6. To be honest, I'm now sick and tired of the US regarding itself as the self-appointed global Police. It's time the US stuck to its own borders and issues, and leave other countries to do the same. Maybe then the world can get back on its feet far sooner.

  7. Not sure about this video memeology… Biden said that when there was uncertainty of the affect of wheat shortages. (1/4 I’m pretty sure of wheat is from Ukraine and Russia). It’s definitely having an affect on other country’s food stability but thankfully not the US. If anything he was being transparent to US citizens of a possible food shortage if there were to be one.

  8. fertilizer is up 300%, 16 food plants have caught on fire in the past 4months, fuel price has doubled in 6months, and the government is paying farmers more money to destroy their crops than they would get selling them, and the container ship blockage is worse than ever.
    we got a massive food shortage coming and people are going to get scary this fall when harvest season comes.

  9. Them: We won't be having food shortages.
    Me: [ food stockpiling intensifies ]

    If you don't plan for the opposite of whatever they tell you at this point you're exactly the kind of idiot they're looking for.

  10. So what needs to happen seriously put Trump back in office!! ASAP, how many wanna bet there would be no war in 🇺🇦 Ukraine , he was business man, he would’ve work out a deal!! Come on people, we have to settle for sleepy joe and his grand child Kamala!!

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